Saturday, 24 November 2018

Time To Throw Away The Key?

Prosecutor Anna Midgley said Savage and Miss Hayton had caught the train from Selly Oak near Birmingham on April 15.
Savage had planned to go to Aberdare in South Wales to confront her mother with two knives - because she had received a text saying her mum wanted nothing to do with her.
Miss Midgley said: 'Miss Hayton explains that the attack on her by the defendant began when she said she no longer wanted to go to Aberdare to confront the defendant's mother.
'The defendant's reaction was to begin raging and to take out a knife which she had packed and to stab Miss Hayton repeatedly.'
If you're travelling with a knife-wielding lunatic, it seems a bit risky to say 'Actually, don't fancy it much..'. doesn't it?
She was out from prison on license after serving 17 years of a life sentence for stabbing her ex boyfriend with a Stanley knife.
Ah, yes, the good old 'life sentence'. Based on the life of a mayfly.
Newport Crown court heard Savage has a string of violence offences dating back to 1991.
In 2000 was sentenced to life with a minimum of three years for wounding with intent.
She was released but went back to prison on recall for a public order offence.
Savage was then released into a hostel in Birmingham in February 2018 where she met old friend Sarah Hayton.
What could go wro....

Oh. Yeah.
Judge Eleri Rees has now sentenced Savage to life with a minimum of 8 years and four months after she admitted attempted murder and two charges of having a blade.
She said: ' It was a frenzied and sustained attack.
'After a lengthy period of custody, you served some 17 years, that did not serve to reduce the risk you pose to others.
'You are dangerous and pose a high risk of harm to the public.'
Then maybe this time, keep her in?

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