Friday, 16 November 2018

The Justice System Is Broken...

The cowardly joint owner of a dangerous dog that “scalped” a young child has been sent to jail after previously failing to appear for sentence.
Sound familiar? It should do.
Michael Thornton was sentenced in his absence to two years in prison on October 10. Hayley Eldridge was jailed for 21 months for the dog offence and 16 weeks consecutive for perjury.
A warrant was issued for Thornton’s arrest and he was detained 27 days later.
I expect that cost him an increase in sentence?
Imposing 28-days imprisonment for breaching his bail, consecutive to the two years, a judge told him: “You didn’t have the guts to turn up to your sentencing hearing.”
Who could have suspected th...

Judge Griffith-Jones told Thornton: “This was deliberate behaviour on your part in an attempt to delay the inevitable day of reckoning.
“Included in your appalling previous history are numerous offences of failing to surrender or other failures to comply with court orders.”
In which case, why was he ever afforded the opportunity?


Sgt Albert Hall said...

What a pity the police didn’t shoot him dead as well as his dog.

JuliaM said...

*nods in agreement*