Monday 4 August 2008

All Things Have Cycles – Music, Fashion, Film, Horrible Murders…

Just a few days after a Canadian man decided to get ahead the easy way, the new fad has spread to Greece:
A 31-year-old Greek beheaded his girlfriend and carried her head round the popular tourist island of Santorini before he was arrested, police claim.

The man, who police said had psychological problems, injured a police officer and two women while trying to escape arrest after killing the 25-year-old teacher in Greece's most picturesque island.

"He was walking around, carrying her head and telling the astonished villagers not to stop him," a police official said.
Umm, yeah, I bet that’s advice they heeded, too…!
"They knew he had psychological problems, but they didn't expect he would reach this point."
Hey, Greece has exactly the same approach to handling potentially dangerous lunatics as the UK! I guess the EU harmonisation effect is working…

Not with the police, though:
The man knifed a policeman who tried to arrest him, stole a police car and crashed into a motorcycle injuring two women, before police ended his escape by ramming the car.
They also shot him five times, according to the BBC report, wounding a passerby with a ricochet in the process. No doubt in the UK, they’d be under investigation now for not respecting his human rights….

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