Tuesday 19 August 2008

Wasn’t Our Justice System Once The Envy Of The World…?

A woman was jailed yesterday after her false claim of rape resulted in an innocent stranger being arrested.

In an attempt to make her family feel guilty following an argument, Kerry Saunders invented a story that she had been sexually assaulted after a night out.
So much for the feminist claims that women ‘rarely’ make up claims about rape.
She was overheard making the allegation by a passing police community support officer.

Instead of admitting it was just a story, she told the officer that her attacker was a black man driving a blue car.
So, she didn’t actually report it herself – she was actively encouraged to do so by one of Blunkett’s plastic police? This gets just better and better…
Within hours, Oladepo Otesile, a student, was picked up by police near the scene of the alleged attack.

He was held in a cell for 22 hours, where he was interviewed under caution and given an intimate forensic examination. Samples of his DNA and fingerprints were also taken.

Only after Mr Otesile was bailed to return for an identity parade did his 'victim' contact police to admit the allegations were false.
And no doubt, like poor Mr Chong, his details are now on the DNA database for the foreseeable future.
Sentencing 26-year-old Saunders to a year in prison after she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, Judge Michael Brooke said 'it was something she brought on herself'.

'She is not a baby, she could have said at any time it was not true and she had been hysterical,' he added.

The judge also said that Mr Otesile had been put through an unnecessary ordeal.

The false claims not only deprived him of his liberty, but cost the police £4,500 in wasted time, Basildon Crown Court in Essex heard.
Actually, your honour, I think a fair part of the blame for the lost money and time belongs to the police themselves. As we will see…
The allegation was made in the early hours of December 2 last year when Saunders was out celebrating a birthday with family and friends.

After a row broke out in the limousine the group was sharing, the driver dumped her on the A13 in Purfleet, Essex.

Minutes later, she called her family and told them she had been raped - an attempt to make them feel bad.
Oh, god. It’s like a scene from ‘When Chavs Go Wild’, isn’t it? Limousine, drunken party, family argument, late-night A13 abandonment. All we need are the white stilettos, and for her friends to be called Sharon and Tracey. And just how bad do you have to be for members of your own family to dump you by the roadside and drive off?
Barry Hargreaves, prosecuting, said: 'An offduty PCSO saw her by the side of the road in a distressed state and she said she had been attacked in the street by an unknown assailant and had been dumped by his car.

'Police were called and told she had been claiming she had been raped. The description she gave was of her attacker being black and driving a blue car.'
The PCSO can reflect on the wisdom of his act of charity and on how very, very lucky he was that he wasn’t the one falsely accused by Saunders, assuming he was alone in the car…
Of Mr Otesile, he added: 'The victim is black, and happened to have a blue car which was spotted by police in the area where the alleged rape took place.

'It fitted the description of the car and he fitted the description of the attacker and he was arrested. He then spent 22 hours in custody where Miss Saunders still maintained the allegation that she had been raped.'
Am I reading this right? On the word of a drunken, attention-seeking chav, and with no physical evidence whatsoever, plod simply arrest the first black man in a blue car they come across? Jesus wept….
After more than a day had passed, Saunders, from Ilford in Essex, contacted police and admitted the claims were false.

Before the incident, Mr Otesile, of Purfleet, had never been arrested before. Describing him as a man of good character, Mr Hargreaves added: 'The whole experience was horrible and very frightening, especially as he knew he had not done anything wrong.'
He should sue. Not just the chav, but the police force as well. I’m not normally in favour of ambulance chasing lawyers, but Mr Otesile needs to find the most feral beast in the legal jungle and sic him on Essex Police forthwith.
The court heard that Saunders had a drugs problem and had been taking crack cocaine on and off since she was 17. She had been drinking on the night of the attack.

In mitigation, her lawyer said she was ' emotionally immature' and the lies were a ' kneejerk reaction to get attention from her family' which spiralled out of control.
What a stunning indictment of the modern day justice system in the UK (and the radical feminists' campaign against men), that the dice should be so loaded against the innocent man in this case, and all on the word (no evidence required, just the word) of a drunken, lying little bitch with the personal integrity of a cockroach.


Anonymous said...

The frightening thing is that had she persisted with her allegations (and despite being unable to pick Mr O out at an ID parade), I would bet serious money that the police (and the CPS) would have pursued this matter all the way to court, such is the pressure to get rape convictions.

Anonymous said...

So would I....

Simon Fawthrop said...

Just wait till he gets CRB checked in 10 years time. Orwell in the last post and Kafka in this.

I'd link to think that after the GE we'll get a Govt that does away with this culture, but somehow I think things will only get worse, whatever the result.

William Gruff said...

'The court heard that Saunders had a drugs problem and had been taking crack cocaine on and off since she was 17. She had been drinking on the night of the attack.'

Attack? What 'attack'?

With regard to false reports of rape: Not so very long ago a woman on some R4 programme or annother asserted that those who make such claims should never be punished as to do so could act to dissuade women from reporting genuine rapes. Such are the workings of the female mind.

Anonymous said...


I is selling me BMW maaan. Me no want ya honkeys jumpin ma bumbaclaat just cos it is blue, innit.

Anonymous said...

"Attack? What 'attack'? "

Perhaps they were referring to the 'friends' and famiy ruckuss..? ;)

"Such are the workings of the female mind."

Only the radical feminist ones...!