Saturday 2 August 2008

Shock As Defendant Sticks Two Fingers Up At Judge...

....although not in the way you might expect:
A woman caused uproar in court when she pulled two fingers from her handbag claiming they had belonged to one of her six children.

Remi Fakorede, who was convicted of a £925,000 tax credit fraud, told London's Snaresbrook Crown court they had fallen off following a curse.

She said the same voodoo curse had caused her to participate in the fraud.
Well, it's an interesting defence...!

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Robert said...

In the Middle Eastern country where I live, Steve Sailer, Gates of Vienna, Hibernia Girl, English Rose and Brussel's Journal cannot be accessed this morning. Vdare and American Renaissance along with David Irving are permanently bloacked. The internet censorship software for this country is composed in the USA.