Friday 15 August 2008

It’s Not Just The Underclass….

…who use the police to sort out trivial domestic disputes, then decide they didn’t mean it:
Batman star Christian Bale will not be charged over an alleged assault on his mother and sister the night before the London premiere of The Dark Knight.

The 34-year-old actor was arrested last month by officers investigating claims that he had attacked members of his own family in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel.

Bale’s mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, who both live in Dorset, made a formal complaint to Hampshire Police after the incident on July 20 and the actor was arrested two days later.
Fair enough. We are always told, in the case of ‘battered women’, that even if they retract their statements, prosecution should go ahead regardless in the interests of justice. So, will this apply here? Well, no:
“Whilst the CPS treats all incidents which take place in a domestic context seriously, it is important that the views of complainantsare also taken into account when making decisions in such cases.

“Taking all the factors into consideration, the decision has been taken that there is insufficient evidence to afford a realistic prospect of conviction, and accordingly the police have been advised that no further action should be taken against Mr Bale.”
Fancy that, it works differently when you are dealing with modern royalty, the ‘dysfunctional celebrity family’…


John M Ward said...

Well, "Bale released" is a variation on the usual "released on bail", I suppose...

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