Wednesday 6 August 2008

Jobsworth Watch

Nic Davison has been threatened with a court appearance and a £2,000 fine simply for using metric rather than imperial measurements in his Doncaster eaterie.

The infringement notice, served by Trading Standards, comes after a long-running campaign from Brussels to make Britain drop imperial weights and measures.

Although the law now says most goods must be sold using metric measurements in line with the rest of Europe, under 1988 Weights and Measures legislation, serving draught beer and cider in litres is illegal.
Happily, he’s supported in his bid to serve drinks in whatever measure his customers desire by the ‘Metric Martyrs Movement, who are more used to campaigning the other way!
Mr Davison has now won the support of the Metric Martyrs Movement', which calls for traders to be permitted to sell goods in whichever weight measurements they choose.

Mr Davison, an accountant and his GP partner Dr Krystyna Ciuraj opened their restaurant Kuchnia Polska - or Polish Kitchen - in May.

The Polish brewer supplying them with Zywiec beer also supplies their glasses, which come in 0.3 litre and 0.5 litre sizes.

Although the restaurant has received no complaints from customers, trading standards officers told the couple they have 28 days to replace all the glassware, or face prosecution.
Showing that if there’s one thing capable of uniting differing cultures, it’s the desire to tell interfering council jobsworths to ‘Sod off!’…

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