Friday 22 August 2008

Victimhood Poker: Who Trumps Whom?

Because I can't tell anymore.

Bonkers 'grrrlpowah' site, Feministing (lovely title, these are real ladies...) has opened up on the militant animal rights loons PETA for their US adverts aimed at Mexican illegals:
Without even getting into what's fucked up about the message they are trying to send about meat consumption and mexican vs american culture, let's begin with the images on the ad, which are borderline racist and definitely offensive to me. Then how about supporting the screwed up US immigration policy by BUYING ad space on these fences?

News flash PETA: promoting animal rights through misogyny, racism and the objectification of women is NOT the way to go.
I'm sure the pressure group that famously compared battery chickens to Holocaust victims will be sure to heed that...

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