Monday 4 August 2008

Foreign Office Advice:‘Look, You Damn Fuzzie-Wuzzies in Antigua,’…

“… who do you think you are, deciding on your own system of justice out there? We’ll tell you what to do with your criminals and killers, and you’ll listen to us if you know what’s good for you!“

As noted by Laban Tall, the Foreign Office (most often to be found not representing Britain’s interests) is trying to muscle in on the eventual outcome for the killer or killers of the British honeymoon couple:
The British government faces a potential diplomatic row with Antigua over the shooting of the honeymoon couple Catherine and Benjamin Mullany after demanding that anyone convicted of the crime will not face the death penalty.

One senior Antiguan source said British officials initially demanded a signed guarantee from the country’s Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer.
Spencer should go ahead and sign it until the killer is caught – then rip it up and tell the Foreign Office that he had as much intention of honouring it as the UK’s Prime Mentalist did of honouring his election pledge to hold a referendum!
With Antiguan police struggling to find suspects in the shooting of Catherine and Benjamin Mullany, Britain has decided to dispatch a team of detectives despite the absence of any death penalty guarantee.

However, the Foreign Office has made clear in strong terms to the Antiguans that it does not expect anyone convicted as a result of a British investigation to face capital punishment.

A Foreign Office spokesman said that, “in parallel” to the investigation, “we will continue to seek assurances from the Antiguan government that anyone found guilty will not face the death penalty”.
Let’s hope they don’t send the team of police that bungled the Jill Dando investigation. If they did, I might have to agree with the Foreign Office..!

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