Monday 11 August 2008

I Know Where I’m Going For My Holidays…

A former Portishead priest says there is evil in the town akin to that which Sam and Frodo battled in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
The Reverend Clive Laws, who resigned from his job as assistant parish priest in April and left the town in July, is urging members of his former flock to pray in an attempt to oust "spiritual forces of wickedness".
The ‘forces of wickedness’ referred to proved to be a little more prosaic than a stonkin’ big Mount O’ Doom, as the reverend was quoted as mentioning ‘drugs and violence’.
Rev Laws, who worked at both St Nicholas and St Peter's Church in Portishead, is now working for the Diocese of Chelmsford as priest in charge of Matching and the Lavers in Chelmsford, Essex.
Hmmm, if he couldn’t stand the heat in Portishead, whatever possessed him to move to Chelmsford..?!

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