Thursday 7 August 2008

Horrible New Disease - First Case in UK....

....of 'Mad Cow' crossed with 'Foot In Mouth', presumably in some mad scientist's laboratory.

The Guardian's Julie Bindel jumped the shark in truly spectacular fashion today, as noted by Ross and the Devil:
So, back to Barry George. On the day of his release, two psychologists who had supported George through his retrial, said that he "faced an uphill struggle to re-adjust to his new life as a free man," and that he may never be able to look after himself properly again following seven years in prison. Therefore, a comprehensive care package would be put in place for him.

Where is the care package for women such as those portrayed through the characters in This Wide Night? Who helps to wean the likes of Lorraine off the numerous anti-depressants and sleeping tablets such women become addicted to in prison, in order to block out the pain. Who will help Marie build up her self-confidence to the point that she feels able to get a proper job and stop prostituting? What about the nightmares these women endure, dreaming about lost children, childhood sexual abuse, and other atrocities women on release from prison have to endure? Where is the support for them?
Where indeed...?

In a reminder that even the lefties of the good old 'Gruaniad' acknowledge the existance of some utter claptrap (up with which they will not put) she was excoriated from all sides. The mods were out in force to defend the honour of their Warrior Princess, cleaving comments left and right with their Sword of Moderation, but the battle fought on.

But hark! Trumpets sound! The fair maiden herself takes to the fray, with a .... oh.... a plug for the play in question:

If anyone is able to see this play, it is running at the Soho Theatre until Saturday, not Friday as I said in the piece. If you miss it, it is on at the Live Theatre in Newcastle, 17th and 18th of September, and the Drum Theatre on the 23rd and 27th of September.
Not impressed with this, the assault continued, with even normally 'right on' CiFers like 'AllyF' pointing out her flawed reasoning.

A return to the field by CiF's very own Boudicca resulted in this little gem:
"Re Barry George, he has not been 'found innocent' but acquitted of murder.

His case is not, by accurate definition, one of a 'miscarriage of justice'."
That really opened the floodgates...

After 154 comments (some moderated out of existence, some disappeared, the remainder almost 99% unfavourable), the mods were in full rout mode, first putting up a pompous 'This thread will now be closing due to the volume of off topic comments' and then, in full out retreat, a hasty 'Comments are now closed for this entry'.

Never has a battle not fought by the French been lost so fast...

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