Friday 29 August 2008

“Try Something Really New Today…”

The slogan for Sainsbury’s is ‘Try Something New Today’.

But when customer Jessinta Edwards bought a lettuce from a Reading town centre store she didn’t expect it to be a dead frog.
Yes, newspapers love these stories, particularly if they can get a picture of an aggrieved shopper holding the offending beastie that’s crawled out of their salad/sandwich/bunch of grapes. And there indeed is a picture of Miss Edwards holding a teeny tiny frog.

These stories crop up quite regularly, so you’d think people wouldn’t be that surprised. But Miss Edwards obviously doesn’t read too much:
She said: “I put the lettuce down on my worktop and when I picked it up, the dead frog was left lying there.

“I hadn’t seen it before that.

“It was absolutely disgusting. My children could have eaten that.
Sweetie, if you are raising kids that can’t tell the difference between lettuce leaves and small amphibians before they put them in their mouths, you’ve got more problems than you think…

It transpires, though, that Miss Edwards feels Sainsbury is out to get her:
She added: “I really don’t have much luck with Sainsbury’s. I bought a loaf of bread in there last year and found a bug in it. They gave me a voucher then. I didn’t think it would happen again. This was too much. I mean it.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it.”
Over a frog the size of a postage stamp? Sensitive little soul. Lucky for her she doesn’t live next door to Mrs Griffiths!


Anonymous said...

They've ruled out the grenouille 'n' garlic focaccia, then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mind you, she ought to think herself lucky she wasn't shopping in Newport...

DJ said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer company:

Anonymous said...


How the hell do they get away with saying stuff like: "Harder-working eastern Europeans were even having a positive influence on British workers, the company added. ?

If some poor academic were to point out the British Raj's civil service regulation helped to improve India's government, the mob would beat a path to his door to tar and feather him...