Wednesday 6 August 2008

Sod Off, Swampy! And Take Bob Marshall-Andrews With You…

A Labour MP has condemned a decision by Kent Police to let officers wear riot gear during a clash with activists at an environmental protest camp.

Bob Marshall-Andrews said he was horrified by the footage he saw showing police and campaigners clashing at the Kingsnorth plant on the Hoo peninsula.
What, precisely, were they supposed to wear to a protest gathering? Tutus…?
The force said officers needed the gear to protect themselves from missiles.

But, following an hour-long meeting with senior officers, Mr Marshall-Andrews said the decision to use shields and helmets was "provocative and heavy-handed".
What the hell are we supposed to use, man? Harsh language?
Mr Marshall-Andrews, who is the Labour MP for Medway, said the scenes in a field about 2m (3.2km) from Kingsnorth power station had prompted him to return to his constituency.
But not to help, or to appeal for the protestors to disperse or at least protest peacefully, oh no. Merely so he could carp and criticise the police from the sidelines. Quotes this political genius:
"I find the use of police in riot gear incomprehensible and I think it was a mistake," he said.

"A large proportion have not said they are going to break the law as far as I am aware.

"One of the things we want to avoid in circumstances such as these is provocation, and I think that it was. "
Well, if the protestors (sorry, a ‘large proportion of the protestors’..) say they aren’t going to cause any trouble, why not take them at their word? Apart from the fact that it’d be criminally irresponsible not to prepare for the worst, of course.
Police said on Tuesday evening that there had been 13 arrests and eight people had been charged in connection with incidents at the Climate Camp.

Officers said weapons, including a knife and a throwing star, were found in a wooded area on the Hoo peninsula on Monday evening.
Obviously they belonged to that ‘small proportion’ of protesters, I guess, Mr Marshall-Andrews.

Go here for a look at what the police have to put up with on these demos, and then tell me they aren’t entitled to wear riot gear without some arse of a Labour party official whining about it…


Anonymous said...

Bob M-A is what I believe is called by the cuddly MSM tendency, a "maverick". This means he gets a free pass from the paper press and the BBC no matter what lunacy he indulges in. Another "maverick" who gets the MSM free pass is that dear old Stalinist, Viscount Stansgate.

Nevertheless M-A voted strongly against the "terror" legislation which is balanced by his voting strongly in favour of banning hunting. I must admit I have a sneaking regard for him since he stood up in support of David Davis at the recent by-election. Even so, this intervention at the "Climate Camp" is barking but, on reflection, why should we be surprised? What else have MPs got to do except make stupid observations to gain maximum publicity as polish for their massive egos? They're certainly useless at their primary job - the one they're paid generously for - of controlling the executive.

Anonymous said...

"What else have MPs got to do except make stupid observations to gain maximum publicity as polish for their massive egos? "

Well, at the moment, aren't they supposed to be on recess?

Anonymous said...

"Well, at the moment, aren't they supposed to be on recess?"

Officially yes but, for all the good they do, they're effectively in recess for the rest of the year also.

Anonymous said...


Mac the Knife said...

I'm stunned at you Julia. Simply stunned! What the FUCK are you Thinking?!

These people are saints! They're eco-warriors, they're risking their very LIVES to save you, me, and the delicate, fragile and beautiful PLANET!

This is for the chiiiiiiiilllllldreeeenn!©

They should be carried, shoulder high on litters woven from recyclable power company executives, into the power station. Carried, d'you hear? Over the prostrate bodies of the coppers to carry out the divine eco-will of Holy Gaia!

Get a grip woman! Are you mad?

Anonymous said...

It'd be a delicious irony, given their dislike of power generation, if when it all kicks off (and it will) the order came out loud and clear: Deploy the tasers!


Mac the Knife said...

'Deploy the tasers!'

I can only hope... :)

John M Ward said...

This is going on in my council's area, though not in (or near) my own home area. As I know something of the background to why things are going the way they are in terms of the power station, and for other reasons, I wrote an article on the Climate Camp business a few days ago. It might make for interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, John! Especially this bit:

"First, it is not an additional power station: it merely replaces one already there that must be decommissioned by a particular date. The new power station will be quite a lot cleaner than the one it replaces"

So much for 'progress'...!

John M Ward said...

Thanks for your response, JuliaM. (by the way, we have a 'Julia M---' on Strood Conservatives. That isn't you, is it?)

I notice that I was right that all the media coverage, both local and national, has concentrated on Kingsnorth and its power station, plus some general planet-saving stuff, and none has targeted the cause of this issue as we now find it -- the Government's failed energy planning.

Ah, well: there's one thing about this kind of event -- it's all so very predictable how it will go...

Anonymous said...

"by the way, we have a 'Julia M---' on Strood Conservatives. That isn't you, is it?"

Nope, nowhere near Strood, I'm afraid. And 'M' is just my middle initial.

"none has targeted the cause of this issue as we now find it -- the Government's failed energy planning."

That would require them to do some work. Easier to roll B-tape of Swampy hurling invective at some poor tired copper...