Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What Kind Of People Are They Employing…?

…if they need written instruction and undercover monitoring to ensure they politely answer questions from the public:
The country's biggest employer of traffic wardens has ordered its employees to issue tickets only as a last resort and to help elderly people with their shopping, give directions and report missing manhole covers.

Westminster Council in central London said that it was trying to reduce the number of tickets it handed out each year to make life easier for motorists and improve its parking services.

After attending customer service seminars, the wardens will be followed by undercover council staff who will ask them questions such as "How long can I park here?" to ensure that they are carrying out their duties with politeness and a friendly smile.
Good for Westminster council, but it’s a little worrying that they never saw a need for this kind of training before

Perhaps Avon and Somerset police might find it useful to employ the same undercover monitors?

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