Saturday 19 December 2009


But last night the Government denied the charge that the ban had been put in place to ensure Muslims were not offended.

They said it was because they would be insensitive for criminals to have to pay fines in a room surrounded by tinsel.
You can just imagine some cluerless NuLab drone looking at the comments this is going to get and saying to himself in baffled exasperation: "Just what do these people want, then..?"

And it seems there's a sweepstake running in government for 'Most Barkingly Insane Official Quote'. If so, I think this chap will walk it:
Last night a source at the Ministry of Justice admitted that tinsel had been banned at the front-office counter at the Nuneaton office.

'Over the counter, yes, where sensitive business like fine payments takes place,' he said. 'For that reason. Otherwise there is tinsel and stuff elsewhere.

'Nothing was removed for religious or diversity reasons.

'One piece of tinsel was removed from a counter where it was getting in the way. The rest of the tinsel remains there as festive as ever.'

And he claimed: 'I have it on good authority that the court is one of the most festive places one could go, perhaps outside Lapland.'


Mark Wadsworth said...

/headdesk, indeed.

Angry Exile said...

Someone's been smoking some of the evidence.

Edwin Greenwood said...

"Warwickshire Justice Centre"


Plato said...

*tinsel* Merry Christmas *tinsel*

blueknight said...

Are they saying that more muslims get fines or pay fines?
If I was there I would dress as Santa Claus and pay the change in chocolate money.

JuliaM said...

"Someone's been smoking some of the evidence."

The think is, that spokesman has probably been on all kinds of PR training courses, and yet has absolutely no clue how that statement is going to be received.

I think the taxpayers should get their money back...

"*tinsel* Merry Christmas *tinsel*"

Merry Christmas!

"If I was there I would dress as Santa Claus and pay the change in chocolate money."

Oooh, I'd pay to see someone do that!

Joe Public said...

And woe betide the counter clerk who smiles when receiving the payment!!

banned said...

Baroness Waasi was quite right when she said 'Non-Christians don't want to see Christmas banned, and they're fed up of being patronised by Labour.'

All these absurdities come from white liberal apology-mongers trying to outdo each other in the Right-On stakes.
I spoke to an Immam about it last year and he told me that not only were Moslems not offended by outward expressions of Christmas they were angry at those who presumed to speak for them and say that they are.