Friday 11 December 2009

I Though ‘Pregnancy Wasn’t An Illness Or Disability’..?

Well, so much for that theory then…
Pregnant women could be allowed to park their cars in dedicated bays to save them having to walk so far to reach shops and supermarkets.
Ummm, surely you don’t mean like…

Oh. You do:
Women would have the same rights as disabled blue badge holders during their last three months of pregnancy, under the plans.

GPs and midwives would distribute pink badges for mothers-to-be to display in their cars, entitling them to park in priority spaces closer to services.
Oh, this one is going to run and run…
Darren Millar, Conservative AM for Clwyd West, proposed the scheme in a legislative competence order (LCO), and said it would help women at an “uncomfortable time” .
There are some radical feminists who aren't going to be amused at this. How do you say ‘sexist pig!’ in Welsh?
He said the idea came from his wife Rebekah's experiences when she was carrying their children seven and nine years ago. She has described the idea as "fantastic".
Why didn’t he just fiddle his expenses to provide her with a taxi like all the other MPs?

If it was good enough for John Prescott’s wife’s hair, why wasn’t it good enough for his heir?
Mr Millar said: “Clearly while this is not is a major issue for everybody, it is something I feel strongly about.

“This would only be a temporary arrangement entitling women in their final three months of pregnancy to the same parking privileges as blue badge holders.
“It's about giving pregnant ladies in those last three months a bit of extra help.

“They shouldn't be struggling with heavy shopping bags and walking from one end of the car park to the other.”
How about you and all the other fathers-to-be give her a hand, then, Darren? Rather than inflict yet another privileged victim class on us?

Politicians; convinced they can legislate civility into being…


Mike said...

Curious isn't it that in a world where there are too many humans we still protect wimin and chiiiidren like they are tantamount to our survival.

I'm sure feminists would advocate sterilising men and being lesbians to stop the viral production of feral youths but the answer is much simpler.

Stop having children you can ill afford to keep.

Your child is not my responsibility, and the nature wasn't intended to cope with this many of us.

Is there such a thing as a natural birth at all in these great years of technology? Is it a man’s fault that a woman gets pregnant?

Pregnancy is a social illness where the parents have no concept of responsibility.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Can I get a badge for when my piles are playing up, that's certainly an uncomfortable time and you really don't want to have to walk so far to reach shops and supermarkets.

Perhaps a bunch of grapes symbol would be appropriate.

Angry Exile said...

I'm a lazy cunt and I was born that way. Can I have a badge as well please?

Shigella said...

Absolutely ridiculous. I'm 6 months pregnant and find ideas like this offensive and insulting. I don't expect any special privileges. It was my choice to become pregnant and it's a lifestyle choice.

Ultimately the only thing that 'benefits' like this (and all forms of welfare) achieve is to give the state a claim on our children. 'Ahh, we've given you all these privileges, special parking spaces, tax benefits, etc etc - now we have a right to tell you how to raise your children and to indoctrinate them in state propaganda so they will be good little slaves of the state in future.'

NO! I don't want special privileges, I don't want to beg for tax credits - just don't tax us so damned much in the first place! And WE will decide on the best education, upbringing and life experiences for our children.

manwiddicombe said...

Special 'pregnant women' spaces should be as far away from the entrance to the store as possible to prevent obese people, pretending they are in the final trimester, parking in them.


General Pyston Broak said...

Can't they just use the parents with children spaces, technically they have a child with them.

Simon Fawthrop said...

So that's the old, infirm, women with children, pregnant women, disabled, the idle, rule breakers and anyone else who can scam a special badge or parking place.

Pretty soon I'll be parking in the next fucking county when I go the supermarket.

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps a bunch of grapes symbol would be appropriate."


"Absolutely ridiculous. I'm 6 months pregnant and find ideas like this offensive and insulting."

Yes, I would too.

"Can't they just use the parents with children spaces, technically they have a child with them."

Oddly enough, this is specifically disallowed: "At present, pregnant women can be prosecuted if they use family parking spaces designed for those who have already given birth. "

"Pretty soon I'll be parking in the next fucking county when I go the supermarket."

What makes you think you'll be allowed to drive..? ;)

Nick39 said...

I'm sure it would be helpful to pregnant women. Most fembot powergrabs are for resources that would be helpful to women.

There's only one problem in a society of no free lunches. Who pays?