Tuesday 29 December 2009

Cruddy & Chuckles: The New Political Comedy Double Act


Ladies and gentlemen! The comedy stylings of has-been politician and up and coming star ethnic minority token!


Jon Cruddas and Chuka Umunna launch their new website (Tory Stories - and no, comments aren't allowed. A lesson they probably learnt after reading the ones to this article!) in 'CiF' and are currently getting savaged for such bons mot as:
The lukewarm attitude of Cameron's party to green issues is replicated nationwide: of the 51 councils that have signed up to the 10:10 climate campaign, only 11 are Conservative controlled.
According to the Conservatives' 2009 report, How Conservative Councils Are Helping in the Recession, Cameron has decreed that "the Conservatives will bring a culture of thrift to government".
Not to mention:
Tory-controlled Essex county council – led by Lord Hanningfield, who doubles up as Cameron's shadow business minister – has announced its intention to make £300m "savings" by 2012.
The less-than-dynamic duo believe all these things to be vote losers.

They are being told, in no uncertain terms, and by a wide range of political commenters, that they are actually vote winners.

Their petulant signoff is:
Cameron and Osborne frequently pilfer "progressive" language from the well of social democracy in order to clothe policies that are anything but. That they feel the need to do so demonstrates that Labour is far from the spent force many would have us believe.
In the best traditions of the pantomime season, the commenters roar back 'Oh, yes, it IS!"


Quiet_Man said...

The fact you can't comment will probably be enough to kill it save as a niche market for the occasional mindless labour luvvie/troll or blogging fisker who fancies an easy target.
Just another Labour fail.

JuliaM said...

They are coming thick and fast at the moment. I wonder how much it cost to set up?