Saturday 19 December 2009

The Twelve Plays Of Christmas: Day Seven

Here's a particular Christmas favourite of mine (though not my all-time favourite Chris Rea song - I think that'd have to be this one); when I looked at the original video on YouTube, though, I decided on this version instead!

It only got to number 53 in the UK charts on it's first issue? That's a monstrous injustice!

So, for all those readers and linked bloggers doing taxi runs or relative visits by road this Christmas, this one's for you:


Angry Exile said...

I was talking to Mrs Exile just the other day about how much I hate Christmas music* and how if I was doing a compilation album there'd only be three songs - ones that actually mention Christmas rather than just happened to be hits at the time - on it. You've just done two of them in the last two 'Twelve Plays' posts. I'm looking forward to seeing if the third one makes an appearance.

* Yeah, yeah, bah humbug. So sue me. :-)

JuliaM said...

"I'm looking forward to seeing if the third one makes an appearance."

Hmm, well, 'ones that mention Christmas' lets out the St Winifred's School Choir or Benny Hill, so... ;)

MTG said...

It should not be a foregone conclusion that recording cemeteries will thank you for exhuming 'musical' debacles.

Perhaps there is less to be lost by leaving them in the ground and more to be gained by treating blogger's block.

banned said...

Another much loved favorite that I made sure to play in the days when I would be driving home for Christmas to my parents house.