Tuesday 15 December 2009

Oh, Give Me A Break!

So, just a few days after the Open Borders advocates launched their ‘Think of the chiiiiilllldreeeen!’ plea over child detention, now it’s the turn of the children’s authors (fresh from their success over the ISA) to attempt to tug the heartstrings:
They are stern words that doubtless come accompanied by a trademark hard stare from Britain's most famous illegal immigrant.
That being…a cartoon bear!

And here we all thought it was dear, dear Yasmin…
Some 51 years ago, Paddington Bear arrived on these shores after surviving on marmalade as a stowaway from Darkest Peru and was given sanctuary at 32 Windsor Gardens by Mr and Mrs Brown, two paragons of traditional British hospitality towards foreign minors in need of a decent home.
Oh, great! What next? Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a parable of homelessness? James and The Giant Peach as a symbolic warning against GM foods?

It's not even as if these people don't realise what they are doing; they could, after all, spend some of their vast wealth on refugee charities. No-one would stop them. But instead they'd rather pick everyone else's pocket to bask in the warm glow of their fellow liberals.

The problem with opening borders, and allowing children to be the hostages to their parent's fortunes is the welfare state. As Angry Exile points out, removing this (if we but could) would resolve a lot of the problems:
"But an open border with no state help for the new intake takes the pressure off of people who really want to be there and build their new lives themselves while providing that all important disincentive to those who'd walk off the plane with their hands held out."
There would then be a rush to bring along small children on dangerous journeys the likes of which we haven't yet seen.

Would that be on the consciences of these authors? Or would it be yet again another example of 'heartless Britain' for not providing them with safe transport to the land of milk and honey?


Letters From A Tory said...

Geeesh, when the pro-immigration lobby resort to children's book characters to bolster their case, you know they're in trouble.

DJ said...

I'm still waiting to hear what Harry Potter thinks about Quantitative Easing