Monday 14 December 2009

The Twelve Plays Of Christmas: Day Two

Well, what to say about this next one? Only that it was impossible to go to a Christmas party in the Seventies without having this played at least once. And in the Eighties. And in the Nineties.

And even in...well, whatever the hell we are calling this decade. It's nearly over, and I still don't think I know...

It is, of course, Slade's 1973 hit:


David Gillies said...

It's still the best Xmas song ever recorded.

Mrs Erdleigh said...

I agree with David, I never tire of hearing this one.

BTW - Happy Christmas Julia, I don't comment often, as you've usually said what I am thinking but expressed it far better than I could, but I like to stop by every day and read your thoughts.

MTG said...

It's a winner.

For the millions who support the kerchinging of non-stop Xmas royalties, there are as many sufferers who will pay good money not to hear it once.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being labelled a pedant, the decade still has another year to run.

JuliaM said...

Happy Christmas, Mrs Erdleigh! And to all my readers, commenters and lurkers.

"...the decade still has another year to run."

True! Let's hope someone can come up with a good name for it.