Thursday 17 December 2009

Bristol: The Only Town Where Obesity Isn’t A Problem…

…it would seem:
A bus in Bristol that is powered by bio-diesel fuel made from waste cooking oil is running dry and cooks are being asked to come to the rescue.
But I thought fried food was bad for you?

Aren’t we all supposed to eat salads and rye bread? If we do, where’s the oil going to come from?
Bus owners First have appealed for people to donate used oil to keep the bus, nicknamed "Chipper", on the road.
So, you want your customers to provide the fuel for your business venture, eh?

Some kind of barter system? A gallon of used oil gets you a couple of miles travel?

No, it appears it works the same as normal buses; you pay your fare, or you don’t get on:
Running costs for the bus are the same as diesel and the firm said it would collect oil from businesses.

Karen Baxter, from First, said: "It's run on waste cooking oil - normal vegetable oil that you might fry chips in or roast potatoes this Christmas.

"You can't throw that oil down the plug hole anyway and businesses can't throw it away. It has to be recycled.

"We will collect it from businesses and individuals can take it to either of the city's recycling sites."
Why yes, of course people will store huge vats of used oil on their premises and make the trip down to the recycling site so that your company can get cheap fuel.

That’ll be reflected in the cost of the ticket, of course?

Yeah. That’s what I thought….


Mark Wadsworth said...

Those bio-diesel buses won't be working during the current cold spell anyway.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

There was I thinking the bus was propelled by high-octane self-righteousness.

von Spreuth said...

"You can't throw that oil down the plug hole anyway

You can't? I have never found any poroblems doing so. Just throw a bit of bleach down afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to dump it on the beach for the seabirds to roll in.
That is how Copenhagen has affected me!