Thursday 24 December 2009

A Christmas Slap In The Face...

..from the state:
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, 32, was banned from driving and awaiting deportation when he ran away with Amy Houston trapped under the wheels of his car.

But the Iraqi Kurd, who was jailed for four months, used the European Human Rights Act to avoid being sent home because he has since had two children here.
It beggars belief, but this is the reality of bowing to the whims of multiculturalism and the imposition of the HRA.
Her father, Paul Houston, said: 'I know
what it feels to have your family broken up, but the fact he has got to stay is an absolute travesty.

'They may as well give passports out in lucky bags because that is all they are worth. I cannot believe the judge's decision and that he thinks it is right for him to stay here. Is he on another planet?'
If he is, it's a bloody crowded one, jam-packed full of the idiots in wigs and gowns...


Angry Exile said...

I have to say that if Mrs Exile and I had a couple of kids I'd very much hope that an Australian judge would take that into consideration before kicking me out of the country. It's very easy to say sling the bastard out, and I'd have probably said so too only a little over three years ago. Once you become a migrant yourself it's not so easy, and you tend to think 'there but for the grace of God go I.' Look at it another way: kick him out and you also punish two British children and their British mother.

Yes, true he has a record of driving offences including one death, though I notice the Mainly Fail aren't saying what he was charged with in that case. I don't have time to look it up but the sentence of four months is ludicrously light for an offence that starts with 'causing death by...' even by modern soft touch UK standards. That makes me wonder if what he was actually charged and convicted of was the uninsured driving and leaving the scene. With the death of a child involved four months for that seems plausible. Still too bloody soft, but plausible. Now there's a bunch of reasons why that might be, including the possibility of the police or CPS buggering up the case. But it also might have been one of those 'shit happens' road accidents that is no less tragic for it being as random as being struck by lightning or having a tree fall on you. Again, if it were me and I'd killed an Aussie kid because, say, a dog had chased her into the road and left me no time to react, I'd expect the court to take that into account (and because I have insurance and wouldn't have done a runner I'd expect to be charged with nothing at all in the first place).

Of course I have no idea whether anything like this actually happened in this case. It's all speculation because the fucking Mainly Fail are living down to their usual standards of filling the article with all the emotive stuff and leaving little to no room for a complete reporting of the fucking facts. But if he had been convicted of a serious motor offence in relation to the death of the poor little girl I'd give you odds that the Fail would not have forgotten to say so. If he'd been drinking I'm sure they'd have said that too. If he'd been racing another car or if he'd mounted the pavement and mowed Amy Houston down I'd bet they'd have said so. Even if he'd been 5mph over the limit it would be pretty out of character for the Fail not to mention it in a way that implies that was the cause. Reading between the lines here, that they haven't said any of that and simply focused on the death and the offences of no insurance and being a spineless cunt who does a runner (might not be a real legal term) makes me very suspicious.

On the other hand even if he had no chance to avoid the crash Ibrahim is still a weapons grade shit for leaving a kid dying under the wheels of his car. They should have kicked the fucker out there and then for that alone (and then just kicked him for the insurance and lousy motoring history) at the end of his sentence, and then he wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet up with his wife/partner/significant other and have kids. What the fuck were they doing sitting on their hands for 4 months while he was inside when they could have got him an airline flight to Whogivesarip?

Anyhow, my long winded point is not to judge on this article because of how much information isn't there.

Oldrightie said...

I am squeamish about capital punishment but sometimes I would happily pull the lever.

Anonymous said...

"It's very easy to say sling the bastard out, and I'd have probably said so too only a little over three years ago."

How many more decades of glory must we endure before we stop making foreigners citizens?

JuliaM said...

Of course, you became a migrant the legal way!

But yup, that's pretty much the same thoughts I had - he more than exhausted all his appeals, and if the authorities had done their job correctly, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to sire a couple of anchor babies.

The fact that he now gets to stay as a result of them when all his previous appeals were denied sets a very dangerous precedent. His actions over what sounds like a possibly unavoidable accident are just the icing on a particularly unpalatable cake...

Angry Exile said...

How many more decades of glory must we endure before we stop making foreigners citizens?

Anonnymong, well done for tarring everyone with the same brush, but good point. Freddie Mercury, silly old poof from Zanzibar, what did he do for Britain? Nasser Hussain, should have stayed in India and played cricket there instead of beefing up the English side, eh? Stelios Haji-Ioannou, like the UK needs another fucking businessman creating wealth and jobs for Brits. Don't get me started on the fucking Royal Family, and as for the bloody Ghurkas, all they do is sign up to fight and die for a country thousands of miles west away from and feet below their own land and some of the cheeky sods want to settle their afterwards? Yeah, Anonnymous, fuck 'em all. Why should they have been made citizens?

Perhaps because they were prepared to put in, maybe?

@JuliaM, yes, fair point. I've come the legal route, and we agree that there was far too much pussyfooting around and opportunity given to this guy to engineer a situation that would let him stay despite everything else. However, having fucked up and let him do so to kick him out now would punish three native born British citizens who themselves have done nothing wrong at all. Sometimes I do think the judiciary are twats, but other times I recognise that they have genuinely difficult decisions to make that will inevitably piss off at least one side, if not both. The lesson to be learned here is that the answer will probably not resemble the current situation very much and will need a fairly extreme approach. Either huge camps to house all the asylum seekers pending either approval or deportation, and the obvious and likely massive expense that goes with it. Or ditching handouts and smashing the border into tiny fragments so that any fucker can get in with almost no effort, but the need to be self supporting will put off everyone who's come for the freebies from doing so. As you already know I prefer the second one.