Thursday 17 December 2009

Post Of The Month (Special PBR Edition)

…is this one from Obsidian.
Now, as a one-off, I'm really not giving a shit about the bonus tax as it's a bit like complaining about the White Star Line's canape collection, post-iceberg. Windfall taxes are nothing new, and as long as there's a bit of understanding no one really gets inconvenienced - the government gets to look all banker bashing, when in actual fact no bonuses were harmed in the making of this desperate plea for votes. Sure, the bank have to go dig out the abacuses in order to circumvent the tax, but circumvent it they will.

Take a look at the other stuff though and you have a PBR straight from the Brothers Grimm book of fairytales. The original ones, the ones without the Disney endings.
Good stuff..!

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