Saturday, 31 July 2010

You HAVE To Be Kidding Me..!

Miss Harrop, of Farnworth, Greater Manchester, was charged with using language that could possibly have alarmed or distressed the youths.
What the &*!!£$*...?
After the hearing, Miss Harrop said: "I did what anyone would do in that situation. I was frustrated because my home had been attacked.

"The last few weeks have been difficult because of the court case. It’s all over, but why were these youths never arrested when police had the chance? We have no idea why anyone would want to attack our house."

Mr Berthan added: “We are very angry. These lads smash our window, chase me down the street and, even though the police are standing right next to them, they aren’t arrested. We know Natalie did nothing wrong and the courts agreed.”
I give up. *starts looking at emigration options*


Joe Public said...

I read that article in the DTP version of the Telegraph.

Ironic really that an article on a previous page was a bout a vicar urging to his congregation to swear "because that's what Jesus would have done".

JuliaM said...

Yup, I've got that one coming up tomorrow (as it's Sunday).. ;)

Jiks said...

Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!

Really, what can be said about this ... even for the current level of idiocy from some of the police this is beyond belief, insane. Worse, for this to have gone to court his actions must have been supported by many others in our so called justice system.

Words fail me.

PT Barnum said...

Farnworth. Greater Manchester Police. Bolton "justice" "system". Full house, there. I'm only surprised that she wasn't sentenced to 40 lashes.

wv=scape - emigration anyone?

JuliaM said...

"Worse, for this to have gone to court his actions must have been supported by many others in our so called justice system."

Quite! The whole system is rotten.

"wv=scape - emigration anyone?"

Now, that's serendipity!

Anonymous said...

Knowing the cretins that make up greater manchester police farce I am amazed that they even found her house. GMP could not detect water in the River Mersey if they were thrown in to it! They are proudly "Protecting Crime, Fighting the Public" every day and still have a same decade response time although this may have to extend as the two police officers who can read and write retire. I remember interviewing a member of the mounted detatchment and asking "what was it like to work with dumb defenceless animals?"
The Horse said "It was tough at first but you get used to it!"

banned said...

I read this in the Telegraph with horror but little surprise; "causing distress" to thugs who had smashed her window and chased wawy her boyfriend. WTF?

"She was cleared of any wrongdoing by magistrates at Bolton, Greater Manchester on Thursday but was warned not to offend in the following 12 months and threatened with a £100 fine." Does not make it clear whether she was aquitted or not.