Friday, 23 March 2012

Too Much Time On Your Hands..?

Gourmands in Austria have called for "discriminatory" names for food, such as "n-----bread" and "whore's pasta" to be banned on the grounds that they are offensive.
Is it April 1st? Already? It must be, mustn't it?
The association of Austrian restaurateurs said that while many of the appellations had a long heritage, they were now unacceptable.
To whom? I quite like Puttanesca sauce on my pasta. It's never occurred to me that it's responsible for people's dislike of prostitutes!
"Our job is all about welcoming people and for this reason we should offer a good example," the association told the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper.

It suggested that gipsy schnitzel should be renamed "cutlet with pepper sauce", "n----- bread" should be scrapped in favour of "very dark bread" and "Moor-in-a-shirt" should be called simply and rather prosaically "chocolate dessert with cream".
So the long-suffering waiters will have to whisper 'Yes, it's 'Moor-in-a-shirt' when their diners look at the menu in hopeless confusion? Good grief, where will this stop?

I expect someone's welcomed this, though. And right on cue...
The proposal was welcomed by Sos Mitmensch, a group that campaigns for integration and equality in Austria.

"Discrimination is no laughing matter, even when it happens unwittingly or because of tradition," said Alexander Pollak, a spokesman.

That sounds a lot to me like 'Polack', a derogatory term for Polish people. I think you should change your name to something less offensive, mate...


Captain Haddock said...

Don't anyone tell 'em about "Pigs-in-Blankets" then ..

Or the equally famous & oft laid "Dockyard Pizza" & its brother the "Dockyard Omelette" ..

Probably best not to mention "Babies Heads" (individual steak & kidney puddings) .. "Train Smash" (eggs, bacon, tomatoes, baked beans & ketchup, all mashed together) .. and especially not about "Shit-on-a-Raft" (devilled kidneys on toast) either ..

And I expect that HITS (herrings in tomato sauce) .. BITS (beans in tomato sauce) and TITS (tomatoes in tomato sauce) would cause apoplexy .. ;)

Someone seriously needs to get a life, FFS !

Anonymous said...

Cracking post and great comment from The Cap'n. Actually larf out loud. The PC madness is everywhere.

Inappropriate joke said...

As a Bakewell Tart I am offended. How will I now get someone to eat me?

nisakiman said...

Well that's Black Pudding consigned to the dustbin of history, then. OMG, I just realised I've still got an old Jew's Harp somewhere, too!

And as one of the new "Untermensch", I think Smokers' Cough should undergo a re-think.

Woodsy42 said...

That's the death knell for spotted dick then.

JuliaM said...

"Someone seriously needs to get a life, FFS !"


"As a Bakewell Tart I am offended."


"And as one of the new "Untermensch", I think Smokers' Cough should undergo a re-think."

Why, yes! It can work both ways, surely?

"That's the death knell for spotted dick then."

Yuck! They can get rid of that altogether.

Anonymous said...

You're fucked if you get German Measles!!