Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Well, The Headline Says It All…

Cy Podmore, of Davenport Street, Middleport, appeared at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court heard victim Brendan Turner was on duty at a shop in Sandon Road, Meir, on November 11 when Podmore and a woman came in. The woman wanted to buy some cans of alcohol, but because it was after 10.30pm on a Sunday, the shop’s licence did not allow it.

A row ensued when Mr Turner tried to stop her walking out with the cans.

Paul Spratt, prosecuting, said: “The defendant’s attitude changed completely.

“He delivered what the victim thought was a punch. It turned out he had been struck with a hammer.”
And, leaving aside his youthful breeding spree, this is his only step outside the norm?

Of course not!
Podmore was said to have a ‘lengthy’ list of previous convictions, and was on licence at the time of the offence after being released from a previous prison sentence.
Anis Ali, mitigating, said Podmore had ‘vowed to put his criminality behind him’, now he had a supportive partner.
Oh, really?
The court heard his daughter was due to give birth to his first grandchild, which had also prompted him to turn over a new leaf.
Ah. Right. The birth of his daughter clearly didn’t, but the birth of his granddaughter? That’ll work like a charm, I’m sure…

Judge wasn’t fooled either:
Sentencing Podmore to 10 months in prison, Judge Paul Glenn said: “It is my public duty to protect people like Mr Turner, who was simply doing his job and did nothing to deserve this.”
If you took your duty a bit more seriously, you might have doubled that, so maybe he’d actually do ten months...


Aesop's Tables said...

Modern sayings: "The caught criminal is always going to turn over a new leaf. If not caught, he carries on as before."

Anonymous said...


That was very good.

Anonymous said...


That was very good.

JuliaM said...

"Modern sayings: "The caught criminal is always going to turn over a new leaf. If not caught, he carries on as before.""

Very true!

DerekP said...

I'm just wondering aloud here (thinking of aspects of some of the NuLiebore praised-&-imported cultures and old 'Not the Nine O' Clock News' sketches), but... if an obvious persistent violent offender* would have one of his testicles surgically removed as punishment...

well, do you think he'd think differently about committing violence?

That wouldn't prevent him from fathering children or having a family. But I think he'd pay attention when he was then told that further aggressive violent attacks would means the loss of his other testicle, and further attacks by him lead to the shortening of his male organ...

Do you think he and other violent offenders would take notice and behave differently?

*OK, male GBH/wounding/killing knife/gun-using offender; not sure what would influence the female offenders.

Anonymous said...

Podmore ... any relation to this guy?


"The most famous, recent inhabitant was a petty criminal (he admitted to being a poacher)called Derek "Poddy" Podmore. He had a fan club in Philadelphia called Pod's People, selling badges to Americans. Just before Christmas in 1977, dressed as Father Christmas, and shouting "Merry Christmas", he got on to the roof of Shrewsbury jail with a sack of cigarettes and tobacco for the inmates. He was arrested after an hour, by means of a Green Goddess fire engine. He also had himself nailed by the ear to a tree (in Stafford IIRC). He once appeared in court covered in manure wearing a dead pig as a hat. He also appeared in court dressed as a frogman - this followed his "warm-up" for a world frog swallowing record attempt in 1974 when he swallowed a live frog at a Market Drayton pub and washed it down with a pint of "black and tan". 'Poddy' is also said to have paid a substantial fine in 1 pence pieces, which he took to court in sacks (which, of course, meant the court had to count up every sack)."

Anonymous said...

I am cy podmores partner and u can't keep judging people cause they have a past and we all know he's got a past but look at his past and look at what he's achieved since give him a bit of slack !!!!

Anonymous said...

What he's achieved since? Hasn't he been in prison since September for robbery?