Monday, 12 March 2012

I Think We Have Another ‘S**t-on-S**t’ Attack Here…

Mark Fox, 23, of Park Street, Cleethorpes, and Nicholas Standley, 42, of Rufford Road, Cleethorpes, admitted assaulting Terence Harmon, causing actual bodily harm, on July 14.

Standley also admitted stealing tobacco from him and Fox admitted two offences of damaging cars.
This appears to have been a ‘home invasion’ type of attack, too:
Nick Adlington, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that Fox and Standley entered Mr Harmon's bedroom in Park Street, Cleethorpes, after walking into the flat through an unlocked door after 1.35am.

They were drunk and aggressive. Standley demanded cigarettes from Mr Harmon, who was in bed, and picked up a kitchen knife from a bedside table.

He threatened Mr Harmon's girlfriend, Holly Keightley, 20, when she started to call the police and warned her: "If I see that phone light up once more, I'll ram this knife down your throat and I'll do you."

Mr Adlington told the court: "Holly felt sick with fear."

Mr Harmon, 37, got out of bed but Standley held the knife at his throat and threatened to cut it. He punched Mr Harmon in the face and later thumped him on the head. Fox also punched him on the head, saying: "I owe you this."

Mr Harmon's mother, Carole, shouted: "Get off him. He's had enough."

Fox tried to push her out of the way and he punched Mr Harmon in the head repeatedly.
Mr Harmon suffered a bloody nose, grazing to his lip, bruising and swelling to his cheek and a lump to his forehead.

Standley and Fox left but later returned and were shouting and banging on the door and making threats to kill the occupants. Fox hurled two breeze blocks, damaging the rear window of a car, and the bonnet, windscreen and window of another car. The vehicles belonged to Mr Harmon and his mother.
How very odd. Surely this sort of savage attack on an innocent family should make the nationals?

The perps are quite clearly bad ‘uns:
Craig Lowe, mitigating, said Fox had previously spent 27 days in custody.

He managed to flee from the police by running from his flat through a window but was arrested on September 27 after he came back to Manchester Airport from a holiday in Palma.
More on that, later…
Andrew Bailey, representing Standley, said his client had been on a curfew recently.
Pretty poor mitigation, I think you’ll agree?
Fox, who was given an anti-social behaviour order in 2005, had convictions for 31 offences and Standley for 42, the court heard.
So, clearly bad guys? And choosing totally innocent parties to terrorise?

by ford30

“the people didnt deserve this in the middle of the night ,but on the other hand
one is no stranger to the courts”
Oh. I see:
Terence Harmon crashed his Renault Megane into the car in Chichester Road after speeding at up to 60mph to get away from officers in pursuit, a court heard.

Harmon, 38, of Park Street, Cleethorpes, admitted dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol at 9.45pm on September 22 last year.

He also admitted being a disqualified driver and having no insurance as he drove along King's Road and into Chichester Road.

He was locked up for a total of 16 months at Grimsby Crown Court, a sentence which also included four months for breaching an earlier suspended prison sentence for theft and intimidation of a witness.
His mitigation wasn’t much better, it has to be said:
For Harmon, Craig Lowe said his client had mental health difficulties and "issues with his personality".
And further into the comments, someone notes a salient point:
by EWW01

“The Fox family have
thrived on the dole for years,yet notice he was arrested after returning from holiday in Palma.

I thought there were plans afoot by the Gov't to get people like the FOX family working instead of shirking.”
Yes. I thought so, too.


Anonymous said...

When it was one scumbag against another we used to be able to turn up,listen to their bleating and then tell them to sod off.
I only used to take action when it was a decent victim.Not any more though,which is a shame.
Even scumbags want their day in court now.
Once a call like this has been logged we cannot use our discretion anymore.I don't agree but that's the society we live in now.

JuliaM said...

We've eliminated 'judgement' from all aspects of life, so I suppose it's not too surprising to see it gradually being eroded from the justice system too.

It hasn't improved anything though, has it?