Friday, 23 March 2012

Judge John Roberts – The Stupidest Judge In The UK?

Judge Roberts said: 'You deliberately let your dog off the lead. Anyone who has seen the photographs can only feel horror at the extent of these injuries.

However, the dog is not a danger to public safety.
OK, judge, so when police need to go through the door of whichever of his chav friends has taken ownership of this dog, which you have not ordered destroyed, will you be in first?

You should be safe enough, right?

While on bail for the attack he was seen by police with another bulldog in the town centre, the court heard.

He told officers to stay away from the animal because it had been trained to attack policemen.
Just wear your wig and gown. It’ll go right past you.



Longshanker said...

The dog licence system has to be reintroduced. There are too many chavs and neds who own dogs as status symbols of how hard they are.

If their dog gets out of hand, the licence should be revoked and the dog dealt with.

Some of these animals have more potential for harm than knife carrying neds.

I know it's another layer of bureaucracy, but the system could help pay for some of the unpleasant issues caused by uncontrolled dogs.

JuliaM said...

The problems with reintroducing the dog license to 'fix' this problem of weapon dogs are manifold:

a) it's collective punishment, and another 'tax'
b) it'll be ignored by the scum, just as they ignore everything else
c) we're still stuck with the same judicial system run by idiots like this one who accept any old flannel in 'mitigation'

The authorities know where these dogs are. They know who owns them. They have the necessary powers.

They don't do anything.