Saturday, 17 March 2012

We Do ‘Banning’, But Draw The Line At ‘Naming And Shaming’…

A man has been banned for life from 10 pubs in Cowley for allegedly abusing a bar worker.
Oh? And who is this mysterious man?
The man has been barred from entering and drinking in a string of licensed premises under the Pubwatch scheme, but his identity is being kept secret after one of the landlords said police had told them not to talk to the Oxford Mail.

No. Not really. Well, not really to the ‘police’ bit, anyway:
Pcso Anna McCormack, a member of the Cowley neighbourhood police team, said the scheme worked by landlords and bar staff discussing the man, whom she insists is known to them already.

She said the Cowley Pubwatch, which meets every two months, had been in contact with pubs in neighbouring areas to tell them to keep an eye out for the man, who she said had attacked a bar worker.
And they named him to each other, no doubt, but Plastic Fantastic Anna Mac didn’t want them naming him to you plebs, oh, dear me, no…
Refusing to name him, she said: “At the moment, because it was a serious incident, his ban is down for life.

“He is known to a number of the pubs for a string of antisocial behaviour. That will be reviewed in five years though.

“If he does return to the pubs in the scheme the landlords and staff can call us and we can either ask him to leave or use trespassing, antisocial behaviour, or public order legislation to move him.”
Right, OK, just one question for you, sweetie. How are they going to ‘review it in five years’ if he’s barred, and they therefore don’t see him? Hmm? What are they going to review?

Oh, sorry, did I say one question? I’ve got another. Why don’t you use this legislation now?
It is understood that despite the ‘serious’ nature of the incident, the man is not facing criminal charges.

Thames Valley Police head of communications Michelle Nichols said not naming the individual was a decision only for Pubwatch and the police should not be involved.
Well, since she’s ‘sort of’ police, maybe you are involved?

Oooooh, Michelle backpedalled at the speed of sound at that one!
However, when informed that a landlord had been told by police not to talk to the Oxford Mail about it, she added: “If they were told that by a police officer or member of police staff then that is incorrect.”
Hah! Sucks to be you, Anna!
Pubwatch chairman Steve Baker said guidance was not to name anyone who had been banned, although he did say there was merit in the argument that if the wider public knew who had been banned it would help with its enforcement.

“But from our perspective that’s like a naming and shaming exercise and that is not what Pubwatch does,” he added.
Because being banned from a pub or a series of pubs is clearly nothing to be ashamed about..?

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Banned for life? So why bother reviewing in five years?