Friday, 16 March 2012

Twisted Firestarters…

Two ex-pupils who burned down the sixth form block at their former school have been locked up.

Daniel Cross and Kyle Harrison, both 20, started a number of fires on the site of Arnold Hill School.

One of them destroyed the sixth form block, costing the school around £1.6m.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court, Cross was sentenced to four years and four months in a young offenders' institution and Harrison three-and-a-half years.
And how were they caught?

Cross, of Roundwood Road, Arnold, and Harrison, of Byron Street, Daybrook, were caught after they left DNA on lager cans they had been drinking from before they started the fire.

Ok, well. Let’s hear it, then:

Cross is a registered carer for his father and Edie Leonard told the court in mitigation: "He's not a drinker and doesn't take a lot of alcohol. It's no excuse the fact he was in drink. He and his friend went about setting fires, and clearly it got more serious."
Yes. Clearly. Who'd have thunk it, eh..?

Martin Elwick told the court in mitigation for Harrison: "He has never been through the criminal process before.

"It was a stage in his life where he was with the wrong people, drinking and having a disregard for the property of others.

"He comes from a loving and caring family. This is a completely different person to the one who committed the offences in 2010.

"It is a very different man this afternoon, who has to pay the price for drunken stupidity nearly two years ago."
But pay it he will. And we know they won't serve anything like those stated sentences, don't we?


jaded said...

Very funny.
Are you one of the people that can read Gadget but not post on there?

JuliaM said...

I think it's Capt Ranty's troll trying out another fake identity. I won't stand for impersonation, so he got the boot.

Anonymous said...

My dear 'educatid',

I am a person WHO may read Gadget.

Anonymous said...

You're snarking annoys me. Maybe you should do some work experience in a prison or high security psychiatric ward to know what evil shit heads this world has to offer. Stuff like burning down a school while (ostensibly) no one was in it can be seen for what it is. And there is worse in this world.

Just Ice said...

"He has never been through the criminal process before."

Well, he has now.

JuliaM said...

"You're snarking annoys me."

You know what annoys me?

Illiteracy... :0

"Stuff like burning down a school while (ostensibly) no one was in it can be seen for what it is."

Criminal arson. Next!

"And there is worse in this world."

Yes, there is. Be patient, I'm sure I'll get round to it all, in time!

"Well, he has now."

And I'll bet a pound to a penny he will be here again.

Anonymous said...

This pisses me off I know kyle personally and this is nothing like kyle they have made him out to be some sort of monster and he isn't!!!