Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I Think The Council’s Right….And I Don’t Say That Often!

Speaking to The Argus in 2003, Miss Taylor said: “I get letters from the council twice a year – once around Christmas and once in the summer.

They seem to think I am an obsessive compulsive who collects rubbish for the sake of it and has it piled up in the house. ”
Gosh, why would they think tha..

Oh. Right.
This week, waste was piled up to four feet high at Miss Taylor's home, including tins, food containers, newspapers, milk cartons and rotting fruit, most of which was in carrier bags.

Flies were also visible as the rubbish heap stretched all the way down her garden path.
She began recycling when she worked at Portsmouth docks and collected enough tin foil to pay for the training of four guide dogs for the blind.

She said: “I know what it’s like to have nothing. During the war we had an ounce of butter a week.”
Thanks for the non sequitur, but back to the enormous piles of rotting garbage at your house?
The local authority removed eight lorry loads of rubbish from the property back in 1993.

But eight years later Olive presented animal charity PDSA with a cheque for £30,000, which she raised by collecting cans, scrap metal and anything else she could exchange for cash.
Very admirable, but should the fact she claims to collect for charity excuse her actions?
In 2003 she was threatened with eviction when the litter stored in her garden was deemed a health and safety hazard.

The local authority eventually backed down when Miss Taylor said she would keep the area clear.

Yet nine years later Brighton and Hove City Council has finally had enough.

Officials have gone to Brighton County Court and have secured an order forcing her to remove all items stored in her garden by April 10.
I think the council has been more than patient with her, and no doubt her long-suffering neighbours think they’ve been far too patient.

And yet, there’s always one, isn’t there?
Hard times says...

loverly lady has generously provided 5 guide dogs to needy people - something that should come out of our tax money, and all these clueless desk-jockey scumbags at the council can do is attack her?

I'd say sack these clueless idiots and use the money to buy some more guide dogs.

I wonder what all those criticise her on here do for charity?
I tell you what I don’t do for charity, chum. I don’t hoard great stinking piles of rubbish in my garden and house, to the detriment of my neighbours!


Hexe Froschbein said...

Looks just like my area -- we have 'recycling' here and most people leave the see-through, non-food rubbish bags out for two weeks until they are collected, since they don't make great indoors ornaments.

Very beautiful, and vibrant it brings the exotic flair of far away slums to the UK!

As long as she doesn't have food in the collection, she should be able to 'recycle' all she wants, and it seems to bring in a pretty penny too.

Or she could move to my area, she'd go unnoticed here... 8():

Hexe Froschbein said...

Dang I missed the bit about the rotting fruit. No problem, my council hands out bins that they expect us to tip everything compostable in whilst it rots merrily in public whilst stinking the place out, we're not allowed to line them and the council does not wash them.

Mould is carcinogenic you say? But it's organic and good for the environment! And those maggots are all Gaia's creatures too!

Jiks said...

"During the war we had an ounce of butter a week"

Oh, I wish I could afford that, have you seen the prices these days??

JuliaM said...

"...and most people leave the see-through, non-food rubbish bags out for two weeks.."

Gah! At least they don't do that here, but some do still put food or food-smelling items in them, with the result that they are ripped up overnight by animals...

"Oh, I wish I could afford that, have you seen the prices these days??"

Heh! And we may see rationing back too - for petrol!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX She began recycling when she worked at Portsmouth docks XX

Yeesss. Dockers are famous for it.

Quite often cars leaving Speak meant for ship cargo would be "recycled" by the local dockers down at the pub.