Sunday, 25 March 2012

What Would The ‘Mail’ Do Without Wikipedia?

Well, for a start, its ‘news items based around nature shots’ would read a lot better. Take this one:

what? It’s an antelope, ‘Mail’, it has horns, not antlers. As you later go on to state in the article.

But this is even better:

Seriously, WTF..?

Did you give the work experience kid (who is clearly semi-literate) the task of ‘finding out something about lions we can shove in here to fill our word limit’?


Twenty Rothmans said...


if you intend blogging about the snafus in the DM, I hope that you are literally without a life*, because you'll be run off your feet.

* you'll be decimated to hear

NickM said...

Well obviously it's a Panthera leo (note to DM - only the genus is capitalized!) because that's what a lion is. If it had been a Panthera tigris then it would have been a tiger and a long way from home.

Actually Julia you've sort of scooped me here. One of the things with online papers that annoys me (the Telegraph is by far the worst offender) is to put on their front page an explanation of the latest Google doodle. The Telegraph did this for the recent Google "First Day of Spring" doodle.

I say scooped because I came to much the same conclusion that it's getting interns and the like to fill-up server space pointlessly.

Oh, and the antlers thing... That is a true schoolboy howler. That is verging into Magellen circumcised the World in a 60 foot cutter territory.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I don't know about wikipedia , seems like it was cut&paste from 'The Ladybird Book of Lions"

ta for linkage

JuliaM said...

"'s getting interns and the like to fill-up server space pointlessly."

Yup, the curse of the 24/7/365 news cycle.

JuliaM said...

20R, oddly enough, the 'literally' that's so misused today was discussed this week, but I can't remember where - radio 2 or on tv?

JuliaM said...

PC, you're welcome .. ;)