Monday, 12 March 2012

Oh, Well, It Was Up To Her To ‘Think Of The Children!’, After All

A mum-of-three was today facing a life sentence for stabbing a man in the heart with a kitchen knife.

Kerry Holden, 35, of Clifton, looked shell-shocked as she was told she would serve a minimum of 18 years.
Aha, that’s this case.
Sentencing Holden at Nottingham Crown Court, Mrs Justice Dobbs told her she was of good character.

Oh, right. That’s just legalese for ‘no prior convictions’, isn’t it? I keep forgetting that when I see someone sentenced for stabbing an unarmed, non-threatening man with a kitchen knife...
But she added: "It should be observed you should have thought about your children before you started arguing with Luke Moran over nothing.

"Sadly, it is your children who will suffer during your incarceration."
Well, hopefully she’ll suffer a bit. Won’t she?


Anonymous said...

Jeremy kyle is on all afternoon julia....give us a break and go and sit in the living room and close you laptop and munch on some digestives.

this endless moronic shite is actually winding me up and i'm a troll

JuliaM said...

So, why are you still reading it?

Unless you've got some sort of computer virus that directs your browser to my site only (or, more likely, you have set it as the home page and can't find the option to switch it back), you're free at any time to take the sex and travel option, aren't you?

Woman on a Raft said...

There appears to be a moral in it somewhere, if this comment is accurate:

“Nobody deserves to be stabbed to death, but they really fail to mention that Luke was no angel. He and some of his family have for years gone round intimidating people, luke smoked alot of drugs and didnt work.

I think the number of local shops/people being robbed and bicyles going missing will have all but stopped now.

Luke had a large number of enemies and it was inevitable that something like this would happen one day.

My heart goes out to his mum jane, it really does, but the old saying goes "live by the sword die by the sword"”

So Luke Moran attended a party and found he was in an argument with another guest about an old squabble.

Another commenter is claiming the evidence was inconsistent and that it is at least as likely that someone else stabbed Moran, which was what Holden claimed.

Given that he was not Mr Popular, this is not impossible. The trouble is, there were no eye witnesses and - if the commenters are correct - no forensic links.

Instead, a tremendous amount hinges on a statement said to have been made by Kerry Holden:

She was then heard to say she had not done it and "I've got three kids and can't go to prison for this".

David Gillies said...

Sounds like No Humans Involved. Very hard to get worked up about Community Service Murders like this.

JuliaM said...

"Another commenter is claiming the evidence was inconsistent and that it is at least as likely that someone else stabbed Moran..."

Sounds as though the list is long and distinguished!

"Sounds like No Humans Involved. "

Spot on! I wonder how many of the witnesses were known to local police already?

Anonymous said...

woman on a raft was spot on.

Luke was a regular shoplifter, and street robber and his dad regularly intimidated people on lukes behalf.

This was inevitable, seriously.

By all accounts Luke was not welcome at the party he turned up at and was asked to leave, he refused, he had been a proper nuisance and then the stabbing happened.

Nobody deserves to die this way, but Luke had it coming for a very long time, it was gonna catch him up one day.

Lukes dad should have been a positive role model, not a thug that bullies anyone he wants.

Zac - lukes twin seems to now be doing ok - but the older brother jack is also following his dads path.