Wednesday 23 April 2014

Put It Down Now, It’s Got The Taste For Blood

What? No, no, not the Akita
A young mother has been jailed for four years for savagely biting a chunk off a woman’s ear in a row over…
Oh, this’ll be great! It always is, when the term ‘young mother’ plays a part…
… the choice of music at a pub disco

And where did she get the impression that this sort of overreaction was acceptable?

Why, from the usual place, of course:
Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw said Blackburn had a conviction for battery and a reprimand for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
A reprimand..!? It’s a wonder they didn’t make her write out 100 times ‘I must not commit assault’, isn’t it?
In mitigation, Blackburn’s barrister, Tina Landale, said it was a spontaneous assault in drink and her client was shocked by the consequences.
Well, yes. She probably expected to get let off. Again.


Bucko said...

That's a nasty assault where I would expect to have a lot of sympathy for the victim.

""Miss Wilkinson [...] spoke of the fear, paranoia, loss of sleep and anxiety she had suffered since the attack, [...] She had given up her job in a nursing home because she no longer wanted to wear her hair up""


JuliaM said...


Laying it on thick with a trowel, as it seems you have to do these days...