Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blaming Everyone But The Perpetrator…

Litter bugs in Barking and Dagenham should watch out as an environmental charity launches its annual Great Litter Count this week.
They are just counting it, not clearing it up? Isn’t that the equivalent of those people who decorate dog mess with spray-on paint?

But no. Actually, it’s more sinister than that…
Keep Britain Tidy is asking the public to help it find out which brands are the most littered on our streets. Volunteers can count litter anywhere, at any time and can upload their results using an easy online form.
Subject to no verification whatsoever. How scientific!

And the purpose? I mean, what do we care where the people who drop litter get it from in the first place?
With this information, the charity is aiming to work with the companies whose products are most often dropped on the ground to reduce waste left by their customers.
Ah! Of course! Blaming the provider of the service, not the person who misuses that service.

It’s the progressive way!


Budvar said...

What is it with the dogshitophobics? Sorry but spray painting/encircling with chalk and writing "Dirty filthy person" only goes to show that care in the community never has nor ever will work in practice..

Anonymous said...

Tempted to hoof over there and enter "The Guardian" but judging by the front of the paper the top answer could well be discarded ammunition.

'Trident officers launch inquiry into suspected Dagenham shooting'

Can anyone decipher?

ivan said...

Anonymous, isn't trident in this context something to do with the met police having a look at black on black crime?

The litter counting is about as scientific as the climate change pronouncements by the IPCC - no scientific value at all.

JuliaM said...

"What is it with the dogshitophobics? "

It's not 'phobic' to want to see an unpleasant substance removed from our streets, is it?

"Can anyone decipher?"

Gang related. And that address is not far enough away from my mum's to give me comfort... :/

"...about as scientific as the climate change pronouncements by the IPCC.."

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

There is an annual bash near Newmarket called the 'Festival of History' that, I believe, is organised by English Heritage. This is a large gathering of re-enactment types, people who do various olde worlde crafts etc. I have attended this event quite a few times and it is interesting to note that, at the end of the day when we are preparing to leave there isn't any litter anywhere. Not one single attendee seems to have failed to use the litter bins. Are people who like watching historical re-enactments uniquely tidy?


JuliaM said...

It does seem to be a feature of small cohesive groups sharing one common interest - look at the difference between Tea Party marches in the US vs other protests!