Sunday, 6 April 2014

You Know What I Never Forget, ThreeUK..? grammar lessons.


bloke in spain said...

Yeah. And I'm not about to forget 3UK either.

Scene's the 3 shop.

"I need to buy a PAYG sim. I'm going to be out of the UK, a while, & I need a UK number for emergency calls. Do I need to make periodic calls to keep the SIM live? Once a month be OK?"

"Certainly. Is that the phone you wish to use? I'll put the SIM in for you. There you are. And how much call credit do you want?"


Three months later:
TEXT message from 3
As you are not using a 3G handset, 3 is suspending your service.
Call helpline.

£50 credit expires trying to negotiate multilevel menus & hold on for human being

Scene: 3 shop, UK, following year.

"Our service is only available to 3G handsets"

"Well your salesperson put in the SIM card. Wouldn't they know whether it was a 3G handset? In any case, this is deepest rural France, I live. We don't have 3G. Most of the time we're lucky to have any sort of signal. I want a refund"

"I'm sorry, but we don't offer refunds. I can give you a new SIM, with your number reinstated. And credit you with £50 of calls"

"What? So you can text me again. To tell me I've been disconnected?"

andy5759 said...

They're all bastar*s. Prices are (or should be) tumbling. Shop around just as soon as your current lock-in expires.

JuliaM said...

""What? So you can text me again. To tell me I've been disconnected?""