Friday 4 April 2014

Personally, I Think The Lead And Muzzle Order Is On The Wrong Animal…

George Threlfall, defending, said the dog Sasha had "not been set a good example" by Jones' former partner, who had been violent towards her.
"The dog has grown quite protective of Ms Jones, which in some way goes to explain these offences," he said.
It in no way does, frankly. Those attacked posed no threat to her.
"This is a woman who has had a terrible life, and turned to heroin. She has had grave difficulties in overcoming addiction but is doing significantly better than she was."
Oh, of course. She’s the real victim, not the people who were attacked! What was I thinking?
The judge said neither dog should be destroyed, but that Sasha should be kept on a lead and muzzled in public places.


Anonymous said...

....Hail of lead?

JuliaM said...

Both barrels!