Thursday, 17 April 2014

Well, I Dunno, Can’t Be Too Careful, Chris…

The head of West Midlands police has criticised the “desperately unfortunate” decision by Education Secretary Michael Gove to appoint a former head of anti-terrorism to investigate an alleged plot by Islamic extremists to take over schools in Birmingham.
Well, who did he think would be best placed to investigate it? Certainly not anyone in his own organisation!
Chief Constable Chris Sims warned that the appointment of Peter Clarke, the former head of Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command, sent the wrong message about an investigation that followed claims religious hardliners had threatened to overthrow secular heads.
“This is a desperately unfortunate appointment. Peter Clarke has many qualities but people will inevitably draw unwarranted conclusions from his former role as national coordinator for counter terrorism,” he said.
“This is about governance of schools, it’s about social cohesion and the implications for schools operating in an area that’s predominantly from one ethnicity,” the chief constable told The Independent.
“I want to be absolutely clear… that this scrutiny hasn’t become a counter-terrorism investigation.”


Jonathan said...

That would be this West Midlands Police would it?

John Tee said...

Yet indeed.

I wonder if it will be extended to an investigation of certain town councils?

Fahrenheit211 said...

West Midlands Police is hopelessly compromised. They have allowed the charlatans of Tell Mama to act as third party 'hate crime' reporters and are facing allegations from HM Chief Insp of Constabulary that WMP allowed ethnic minority (for that read Muslim) communities to police themselves for crimes up to and including sexual abuse. Sims is a political apparatchnik and doesn't have the balls to deal with the problems that are so plainly evident in the West Midlands Police. Sending in someone with an anti terror background is the LEAST that should be done in the cess pit that is Birmingham public services and the West Midlands Police area.

Antisthenes said...

It may not be (or on the other hand may turn out to be) a direct terrorist threat it is about the take over of secular institutions by a religion undoubtedly for nefarious reasons or at least to ensure the education of a doctrine that is not in accord with the laws and culture of the country that they are located. That is at least subversive and can in the future aid in the undermining of British society to the detriment of all but them. It is also a statement by the ethnic people of those areas that they do not subscribe to British standards and values which has to make one wonder why they came to UK in the first place as where they came from they can practice their barbaric religion and be applauded for it.

bobo said...

The city council needs looking at in Brum. The disbursement of public funds to "voluntary organisations" was done without any kind of scrutiny, and some very questionable groups were able to get their hands on five figure sums simply for the asking. Cough (Khazad Kashmir) cough!

Anonymous said...

Clarke, Sims... they are all the same. The Met has made a statement to say that there is nothing untoward about Tower Hamlets and it's Mayor's disbursements of grants etc - that was about a week after the PAnorama prog that broke the story! How is that possible? Acpo are corrupt and all are political animals

Dr Evil said...

The police are totally pathetic issuing statements like this. Silence is golden and this statement was not necessary at all.

Budvar said...

They (WMP) seem to like bandying about phrases like "Community cohesion" which translated into English from Doublespeak means "If we don't let them do what the fuck they like, they'll riot and we'll just have to stand there and let them".

Just the other week, we had a head on collision with a Asian (there's that word again) girl chelping on her phone and completely missing the bend in the road and hit an on coming car.

As if by magic, the guy whose car was hit was surrounded by a considerable number of her ethnic brethren that had appeared from nowhere and was getting a bit of a hard time.

A recovery truck appeared within minutes, and was hooked up ready to take offending vehicle away.
Then in the nick of time, up rolled the boys in blue, not your usual plod, these were the chaps in fatigues and baseball caps, shortly followed by a couple more. They didn't take any of their crap and fucked them off sharpish and said to the recovery lot to get that lot off as this car isn't going anywhere.

MTG said...

Chris Mohammed Grovelling Apology Duplicate Face Sims may be suffering the negative affects of religious fever.
Fajrs every morning alongside nocturnal devil worship will eventually unsettle anyone.

Anonymous said...

Melvin 'Bonzo' Gray said 'wibble, wibble, plink' - as usual.

Meds Melv, take 'em, it's the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, we don't want you wandering around, off yer meds, with a sharp instrument now do we?

Your mental health team will be off and the 'on-call' won't answer so your friends in blue will have to deal.

Stay home, tin foil hat on, lawn mowing reading your dog grooming magazines 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' and there'll be no cell tasering for you!

Anonymous said...

Presumably it was a slow crime day in the black country and Chris Dhimmi-Sims had to fill the time somehow ?

MTG said...

@ Anonymous
I really do relish my insanity, old chap. I think I would go mad without it.
We should both reserve compassion to those folk paying a premium for the products of my mind.

blueknight said...

“These allegations need either to be substantiated and firm action taken, or to be shown to be baseless. We cannot allow uncertainty for parents or pupils to persist.”
Never a truer word spoken.
I can't help feeling that the Lawrence enquiry still has the Police looking over their shoulders and Sims' statement was inevitable..

ivan said...

I would have thought that Mr Gove should have added several people from MI5, MI6 and the military police to the investigating committee if it was going to be effective.

After that Mr Pickles should use the same mix op people to investigate the council.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX MTG said...

nocturnal devil worship will eventually unsettle anyone. XX

Then stop doing it, lawnmower-man.

JuliaM said...

"I wonder if it will be extended to an investigation of certain town councils?"

We can but hope! They are every bit as compromised.

"That is at least subversive..."

A rose by any other name...

"How is that possible?"

Two words: political correctness.

JuliaM said...

" They didn't take any of their crap and fucked them off sharpish and said to the recovery lot to get that lot off as this car isn't going anywhere."

Sounds like something dodgier than just a collision!

"I can't help feeling that the Lawrence enquiry still has the Police looking over their shoulders and Sims' statement was inevitable.."

It's not like anyone seems to have an interest in calling it over & done, is it?

And many have a vested interest in keeping it going.