Friday 18 April 2014

"She loves to laugh, she loves to sing, she loves everything..."

OK. Maybe not everything:
A partygoer bit a stranger on the face as she danced in a cage in a night club after drinking to celebrate her birthday, a court has heard.
Katie Bateman turned on the man in the club because she is suffering from a stress disorder as a result of traumatic events in her childhood, it was said.
One which clearly doesn't stop you going to nightclubs and starting fights. That's handy.
A psychologist's report showed she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder which makes her prone to panic attacks and depression. She was forced to leave a hearing at Exeter Crown Court when she became distressed as the Judge was told of the evidence against her.
I think we have an Oscar contender!
Her sentence was adjourned for reports by Judge Erik Salomonsen.
The Judge told her she would not face an immediate jail sentence.
And why not..?


Joe Public said...

"The Judge told her she would not face an immediate jail sentence."

To prolong her anxiety?

Anonymous said...


FFS just act like a flake and then the soft bastard of a judge will let you off. Bet she's out clubbing on her acquittal.

JuliaM said...

"To prolong her anxiety?"

That'd be my reason!

"Bet she's out clubbing on her acquittal"

I'd be less than surprised.. :/