Friday, 31 July 2015

Quote Of The Month

S. Weasel notes that the papers are being a little bit reticent again:
"We live near several beaches popular with tourists in the Summer. Over the weekend, a young woman drowned at one of them. The local paper ran a couple of lines on it: thirty year old woman, got into trouble in the water and drowned, was airlifted to the hospital, all attempts to save her were in vain. End of.
Here’s what actually happened: a Muslim family came down from London for the day. I doubt any of them could swim. The young woman went into water in her Muslim regalia — I’m not sure if it was the full niqab, but certainly a large, loose, heavy skirt. When it got soaked, the weight of it pulled her under the water. Her female relatives were afraid to come after her and the men of the party — because of awkward prohibitions about touching — stood helplessly by her body in the water until rescuers arrived. By which time it was impossible to save her. Though the police tried, giving the family the additional upsetting spectacle of seeing her largely disrobed and handled by a strange man in a public place. This is not the first time this exact thing has happened on this same beach.
So: the papers are not telling you things because they are desperate not to offend.
And: the group they are desperate not to offend really, really needs to know this thing, at risk of drowning.
This is all kinds of messed up."
Indeed it is...


Lord T said...

on the plus side nobody had their heads chopped off for offending someone.

And life is as it always will be those that don't learn from the past for whatever reason have a hard time of it.

Anonymous said...

Encourage them to go to the beach! Maybe set aside a section where anything less than full tent is forbidden to prevent causing offence along multicultural grounds. Inform lifeguards of cultural sensitivities re touching strange women. See if the fittest survive.

Anonymous said...

Remember it's all Allah's will! He obviously had it in for her but praise be she drowned with family honour intact.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12.57, while not saying this particular case is anything other than a tragic loss for those concerned, honour in the Muslim community also has a darker side; it is surely possible that such a seaside excursion might offer an unscrupulous family a convenient and suspicion-free way to rid themselves of a wayward daughter or an unwanted daughter-in-law.

Far fetched? A BBC poll in 2006 found that one in 10 young Asians could condone the killing of someone who dishonoured their family. And who, in today's climate, would dare to question the motives and actions (or inaction) of the relatives present?

Anonymous said...

I see all our young people will soon be offered a new jab for meningitis W - it'll be offered to all under-25s starting university.

What won't be mentioned is that W was pretty much unknown in the UK, until there were a number of cases around 2002 where the victims had all either been on the Hajj to Mecca, or had been in contact with a 'Hajji'. Apparently all pilgrims to Mecca have been routinely vaccinated against W for a few years now, but it looks as if the horse has bolted and it's out there in the general population.

Should they call it 'meningitis M'?

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Are arm bands and other swimming aids haram when you swim fully attired?


JuliaM said...

"See if the fittest survive."


"... it is surely possible that such a seaside excursion might offer an unscrupulous family a convenient and suspicion-free way to rid themselves of a wayward daughter or an unwanted daughter-in-law."

Oooh, now there's a thought!

"Should they call it 'meningitis M'?"