Wednesday, 8 July 2015

“It Was Alexander Denny, NOT In The Library, With The Metal Object…”

A violent offender walked out of Ford Open Prison attacked a man on his doorstep before heading back to jail telling officers 'I have been in the library'.
Alexander Denny, 26, was already serving an indeterminate prison sentence for GBH in HMP Ford at the time of the incident on June 18 2014. He absconded for an hour during which time he approached the victim's home in Ford Lane, Ford, at around 11.30am that morning.
Denny knocked on the front door before forcing his way in, attacking the 50-year-old owner with a metal object. A small amount of cash and a watch were taken.
So…how did they foil his oh-so-cunning plan?
Forensics were able to identify him by DNA left on a dust mask at the scene, which he had taken from the engineering department that he worked in.
As well as 12 years in jail, Denny was also given a further five years on license.
If it’s once more in an open prison, they might as well not bother…


Ed P said...

The words "open" & "prison" should never be used together - it's idiotic.

I'm sure others will be as appalled as I am that violent offenders are sent to these non-prisons - they were only ever intended for non-violent criminals who were no danger to the public.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

What Ed P said.

JuliaM said...

"The words "open" & "prison" should never be used together - it's idiotic."

Spot on!