Monday, 6 July 2015

Fear & Tremble At The Awful Consequences!

Mrs Justice Carr told Jenkins: 'At the time of the attack you were in the grip of psychosis as a result of illegal drug taking on a a daily basis and you deliberately withheld information from your GP.
'Once (sic) can only hope that you understand the consequences of drug taking.'
Yeah. It means you can slash the throats of two children as they sleep and get told by a judge that you won't get sent to prison...
Her lawyer Patrick Harrington QC told the court: 'She vociferously asserts she is living a decent honest life now.
'She has tested negative in every drug test and then indications are she is not taking any substances.'
When are we going to treat drug-induced mental illness as separate from other forms of mental illness? The latter is no-one's fault. The former is most definitely your own fault.


Bill Sticker said...

Heavy Cannabis use? No. Cannabis, no matter how much you toke, smoke or nibble, tends toward a sedative effect. It's not called 'Dope' for nothing. Been there, done that.

Now amphetamines, which she had been using for 'some months' before the attack would have easily sent her speeding (Ouch, sorry) over the edge. The 'heavy Cannabis use' headline is misleading, as the Judges summing up remarks at the end of the article clearly state.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Did anyone think to perform a drugs test on the judge after he handed down that travesty of a sentence? How else could you describe it other than insanity?

JuliaM said...

"Cannabis, no matter how much you toke, smoke or nibble, tends toward a sedative effect."

That used to be thought the case, but the modern, stronger blends seem to have far worse side effects.