Monday, 27 July 2015

Are There A Lot Of Pitbulls In Truro..?

I’m pretty sure when I holidayed there as a child, it was mostly collies, Labradors and terriers:
A Devon dog owner owes his life to his pet after a horrifying dog attack left him scalped and crawling on his hands and knees for help.
Peter Fitzgerald, from Malabar, Cornwall, was attacked last Saturday evening while walking his own dog, Kimbo. As he tried to pull his pet away from an attack by a loose pitbull-type dog, the snarling animal turned on him, pushing him to the ground and ripping the skin from his head. Kimbo leapt to his defence and scared the vicious animal away.
Covered in blood, the 58-year-old said he crawled on his hands and knees to the home of nearby residents who called the police and ambulance service.
Whew! Thank god he didn’t have a collie, Labrador or terrier himself, but rather something capable of seeing off the attacker...
Recovering at home from a three-hour operation that included having hundreds of stitches and staples in his scalp, he said he was left traumatised by the experience. He said: “If it hadn’t been for my dog helping me I would be dead. I suffered a broken neck a few years ago so I am limited in mobility and cannot lift my arms above my head so was unable to fight off this dog.
“It was absolutely horrific. I was covered in blood and could only crawl to get help.
If that dog had attacked a child they would have been killed.”
And the police have acted, one hopes? Since they were called to the scene?
However he said that when he returned home on Monday he was told the dog was still walking the streets with its owner. He said: “That dog should not be allowed out as it is dangerous. I am a dog lover and would never want to see a dog put to sleep but that one is dangerous and could kill someone.”
Truro police want to speak to anyone with information about the animal.


John M said...

Next time, grab the two front legs and pull them both outwards like a wishbone. It breaks the breastbone and punctures the heart. Dead pitbull, problem solved.

JuliaM said...

I think that's an urban myth. And puts your hands too close to the end with teeth in..