Saturday, 11 July 2015

Well, Now The Biters Are Being Bit...

The son of a prominent Tory MP and former deputy mayor was beaten up and left unconscious in a vicious attack by a “girl gang” in Leicester Square while security guards “looked on”.
The 'girls' are pictured. I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide if they deserve this description...

Naturally, his mother was quick to show she was one of Cameron's NuTories, by demanding anything but the immediate crackdown on gangs that London needs:
His mother, newly elected Kensington MP Victoria Borwick, a former deputy mayor to Boris Johnson, today called for more “safe havens” or places of safety to be set up in London after she told how her son had been pushed out of the fast food restaurant by the security guards and was then allegedly refused help by bouncers at the nearby Grosvenor Casino.
Sheesh! That's like dealing with a rabid dog problem by demanding a rabid dog shelter on each street corner...
“The fact was that he couldn’t find a place of safety. This sort of thing happens all the time, I don’t want to make a fuss about this more than any other incident, it’s all part of street crime. But when you go out in London you want to feel safe and you want your children to be safe.”
When did street crime become something people accepted, as if it were weather?

Also in London:
A good Samaritan today told how 25 teenagers threatened to stab him as he saved a cyclist from losing his bike in a gang mugging.
Terrible, terrible, the poor ma...

Mr Anderson, who works for the charity Kids Company...
...said police initially told him there was nothing they could do because the incident happened on the gang’s “turf”. The attackers are believed to belong to the LFC (London Fields Crew).
Maybe police said that because they recognised him from a previous incident?
Last year Mr Anderson was sprayed in the face with paint, was cut with keys being thrust into his neck and had his voicebox stamped on after telling youths to stop spraying graffiti in Broadway market.
Ah, the little scamps!
The police need to start answering questions about what is being done about gang culture in this area,” he said.
Wait, what? The police need to..?

Maybe your involvement in a charity (currently in the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons) that seeks to coddle and cosset these street rats and proclaim them victims might have a part to play too?
“I said to a couple of the boys: ‘Walk away from these gangs you are in.’ I feel sorry for these kids.
*stunned disbelief*

Still, nice to see the people who help create the environment for these vermin to thrive starting to realise they too can be in the line of fire. More please, faster!


Anonymous said...

Where's Camila Batmangaleigh (sic) when you need her?

Reality bites eh?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes not having a softly softly approach and more of an SS Death Squad in Ukraine approach might just be the better one.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Folk need to toughen up. If you fuck with me, I'd bite your nose off. Otherwise, I'm really a nice bloke.

Anonymous said...

I think the police should try some serious victimising of these unfortunate youth, of the oldfashioned physical variety.

Jonathan said...

'Girl Gang' and 'GONA'(Gang Of No Appearance)

Getting more like the US every day.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Misunderstood black yoof, innit. Hardly worth a referral order. Probably qualifies the nasty little savages for a taxpayer funded weekend culcha trip to Paris.

JuliaM said...

"I think the police should try some serious victimising of these unfortunate youth, of the oldfashioned physical variety."

They'd have to remove their beard nets first.

"Misunderstood black yoof..."

Oh. I understand 'em! I understand 'em all too well...