Friday, 10 July 2015

You Cannot Have Your Cake And Eat It…

Alice’s family say they do not want their daughter’s death exploited by anti-immigration groups: “We believe in freedom of movement and human rights, as did Alice, and we repeat our request that her death not be appropriated by those with an anti-immigration agenda.
“We live in a multicultural and multifaith area, and our community has been extraordinary in its unity, sympathy, compassion and support for our family since our daughter was taken from us in this brutal and senseless way.”
Well, unfortunately, every policy has good and bad – multiculturalism, immigration and the EU’s freedom of movement bring with them good things (your neighbours) and bad things (your daughter’s killer).

It’s impossible to have one without the other.
The Gross family are being supported by the civil rights group Liberty.
Emma Norton, a solicitor for Liberty, said: “This government wants to monitor all emails or mobile phones, but does not want to know if someone has a murder conviction. A murder conviction is something the authorities ought to know about.
“The state has a positive obligation to protect people from a known risk, in this case someone who was a violent offender.”
Someone who had murdered his wife. Does that make him a known risk to schoolgirls unknown to him? I’m not convinced.

Even if the authorities had possessed that information, what are they suggesting might have been done with it that would have prevented this murder, of a complete stranger, that wouldn’t have breached his right to free movement within the EU member states?
Norton added: “What happened to Alice appears to have come about, in part, because the authorities knew nothing about this man. Alice’s family want to know why this was the case. Did an information-sharing system break down? Does it even exist? Whatever the answer, they want to do something about it.”
But yet they want that ‘something’ to be immigration-friendly. And I think that’s a circle they just can’t square.


Anonymous said...

These people have Stockholm Syndrome to such an appalling degree that, even when multi-cult madness is directly responsible for the murder of their own flesh and blood they will not denounce the PC sacred cow.

In answer to your question, yes, a convicted wife-murderer presents more of a threat to school-girls than your average non-psycho, non-degenerate. Once that ultimate line has been crossed, it is much easier to cross it twice.

An acknowledgement that Eastern Europeans are not really European in thinking, but more akin to gyppos - violent, drink-addled gyppos - would be a good start, within both this family in particular and the nation in general.

Send 'em back, the lot of 'em.

Greencoat said...

The brainwashed British are going like sheep to the slaughter.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Political correctness trumps their daughter's murder? What is wrong with these people?

JuliaM said...

"These people have Stockholm Syndrome to such an appalling degree..."

If it just affected them, I'd be happy to leave 'em to it...

"Political correctness trumps their daughter's murder? What is wrong with these people?"