Thursday, 23 July 2015

Better A Useless Crime Number Than A Toe-Tag…

Michael Adegbite, who also worked as a fitness instructor and football coach, was attacked after he advertised his secondhand MacBook on the popular classifieds website for £200.
He and a friend went to meet someone they believed was a buyer in Enfield on Sunday evening — but were confronted by three youths.
Detectives believe the men lured the 28-year-old to the rendezvous with the intention of mugging him for the laptop.
Mr Adegbite and his friend managed to snatch the laptop back and the suspects ran off.
Hurrah! So they called the police to report the theft, right?
Police say that a short time later, a second friend joined the victim and the three men set out to look for the group who had attempted to rob them.
Minutes later there was a confrontation and a scuffle in the street and Mr Adegbite was stabbed once in the chest.
He died at the roadside 30 minutes later despite frantic attempts by neighbours and paramedics to save his life.
Well, yes. This isn’t even bringing a knife to a gunfight, it’s bringing a burning sense of grievance to a knifefight!
A family friend told the Standard: “It’s just heartless. Michael never made trouble, he was one of the most peaceful men you could meet.
“He was just selling the laptop for a few hundred pounds online. It’s something people do every day and he was killed for it.”
No. He wasn’t. Was he?

He was killed for something quite different.


Bucko said...

What happened to cash on collection? Is it now Paypal, money order or random street meeting with strangers?

MTG said...

"No. He wasn’t. Was he? He was killed for something quite different."

There are bound to be a few sharing your imaginative deduction, JuliaM. Others with first hand experience of a useless police 'service' in respect of theft/attempted theft, may form a very different conclusion.

Andy said...

Surely the most annoying comment from our police is; "people shouldn't take the law into their own hands". The law IS in our own hands, increasingly so since our police station has been replaced with a pop in desk at the council offices. Things appear to be rather more expensive and rather less functional.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy a lawnmower on Gumtree Melvin, it's not worth the risk.

andy said...

He wasn't killed during an abortive robbery, he went looking for a confrontation and got more than bargained for, tragic but he should have known better, what was the plan when he and his buddies found the would-be robbers? did he think they`d come along meekly to the police station?

JuliaM said...

"What happened to cash on collection?"

It seems they wanted to skip the 'cash' part!

"Things appear to be rather more expensive and rather less functional."

Indeed. But this is one area where 'DIY' can have consequences far beyond hammering your thumb or shorting out the lights.

"...tragic but he should have known better..."

Given all the plaudits, he should, shouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

It's rarely I disagree with Julia, but in a world where the police (for whatever reason) aren't what they used to be, sometimes a quest for rough justice is understandable. The moral of the story is probably that he should have taken four mates with weapons!