Thursday, 30 July 2015

She Owns Dangerous Dogs? Well, Let’s Give Her Some Kids As Well…

Mum-of-three Mrs Clegg said she had just returned from shopping and was in the kitchen with Little Man.
Although she was aware of the delivery driver she said she did not see the dog attack Miss Larham.
She certainly saw the aftermath, though. As did the delivery driver’s young son.
Since the incident she put a bell at the gate, and more signs of ‘beware the dog’.
The mother-of-three who is applying to look after her sister’s three children told the court she takes her responsibilities as a dog owner seriously.
She keeps five dogs in all.
Sounds like a lovely house. Let’s give her some kids as well.
Mrs Clegg’s defence explained that her husband is currently in prison for eight years, and imprisonment would be “too much” for their children.
At the moment she is seeking to care for her sister’s three children, aged between seven and 11. Social Services have done over a dozen visits to her home and are supportive of the application.
What could go wrong?
After making the destruction order on Little Man, magistrates also ordered Mrs Clegg to pay £600 compensation to Mrs Larham and made her subject to a three month curfew between 9pm and 7am.
Outside of the courtroom, Mrs Clegg wept at the dog’s fate.
I weep for the fate of those poor bloody children, left in her ‘care’…


Bucko said...

"I bet she's an ugly chav"

*Clicks link*


Anonymous said...

There's got to be something wrong with someone who calls their dog Little Man.


Ed P said...

Anon: and expecting someone called Clegg to be intelligent

Lord T said...

What I don't understand is what is the curfew for? Just don't see the point in it.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Presumably Social Services will now rethink their "support"?

JuliaM said...

"*Clicks link*"

Yeah, sorry. Should have put a 'NSFW' tag on it... ;)

"What I don't understand is what is the curfew for? Just don't see the point in it."

It's a general thing tacked on to a lot of sentences. Think of it as 'part time prison' in your own home.

"Presumably Social Services will now rethink their "support"?"

They might find another family to give her too!