Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Gaming 2009: "The Hunter" (Dell Gaming PC)

I have played my fair share of hunting games, it’s fair to say. It’s one of my favourite genres, which made me pretty unique (at least, I always thought so!) in the UK.

‘Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter’, ‘Deer Hunter 1-5’, ‘Field & Stream Trophy Hunter’, ‘Cabela’s’, I managed to source them all – no mean feat, given their relative unpopularity at PC game shops – and play them all too.

But until ‘The Hunter’ (originally ‘The Hunter Online’) by a US/Swedish team now called 'Expansive Worlds' came along, I thought I was alone in liking this genre of games.

Oh, they were very popular in America, where I often had to import them from, or buy them while on holiday, but still nowhere near the popularity of other games. But this game (and the emerging trend for downloadable content) soon changed all that.

Superb graphics, immersive gameplay, constant attention from developers with new reserves and species added every few months (Alaska and bison being the latest, with three new duck species in testing for the wingshooters) has really paid off, and a great online community has made 'The Hunter' one of my favourite games of all time.

Long may it continue!

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