Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Taking Us For Mugs (Again)

A mum-of-five says a frustrating 11-month wait for housing has "crippled" her physically and emotionally, leaving her unable to leave her sister's Swanley house.
An 11 month wait? That's not a lot.
Romany gypsy Michelle Heffernan, 44...
Ah. The penny drops!
...has rare skin disorder Pompholyx - a type of eczema which flares up when she is stressed.
*bites tongue*
Since November, Miss Heffernan has been sharing her pregnant sister's two-bedroom West Kent Housing association property on Hart Dyke Road. She claims eight people, including five children, are living under one roof - and her sister is now considering moving to a privately rented house.
Be afraid, Swanley landlords. Be very afraid!
Miss Heffernan currently splits her time between her sister's home and a friend's property on the same street.
Wait, I thought she was unable to leave her sister's house?
Miss Heffernan added: "I think people should hear about what they have done to my health, because it's not fair to my kids.
"I have got a phobia about going out.
Really? You seem to manage pretty well! In fact, you must be one of the most traveled 'travellers' the local area has seen!
"It's destroyed my whole f**king life really.
"I am now a cripple, because of it.
"I have got all drugged up just because they can't put a two-bedroomed roof over my head."
Newsflash, love. It's not the council's responsibility to do that, it's yours.

H/T: Wiggia via email


mikebbravo said...

She sounds like a cracker! I would love her and her brood as neighbours.
H. Harman

Lord T said...

A traveller that is scared to travel. Isn't that a static then.

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...


Romany Gypsy pull the other one with that surname she's a tinker. She's claiming eight kids in a two bed house, doesn't look like the house has the destructive power of eight kids in it.

JuliaM said...

"I'm confused."


"...doesn't look like the house has the destructive power of eight kids in it."

Well, which house was the pic taken in? There's quite a choice!