Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Overwhelming Sense Of Entitlement You Say..?

Surely not!
Parents with blue badges claim they find it "frightening" to park at Fern Hill Primary School following the start of a car park share with the borough’s new free secondary school.
Disabled bay use is reportedly being abused by parents dropping children to school or not entitled to priority parking, some blue badge holders from the Richmond Road school have said.
Well, I’m shocked! What is the world coming to?
Another parent, Jenny Souter, whose daughter is a blue badge holder, said: "It has become an almost daily routine now to ask parents who are parked illegally in the disable bays to move on.
"Many have asked me why I am parked in the disabled bay when I am obviously not disabled.
"There are times when it is too emotional to explain to them about my daughter, but a lot of the times even when I do explain they simply couldn't care less and remain parked saying they won't be long and continue to park illegally the next day."
And while there are no sanctions, they’ll continue to do it because they can.

There’s no more selfish person in the world than a parent that believes that the simple act of giving birth entitles them to skip ahead of every queue and monopolise every advantage there is.
The problems are said to have escalated since Kingston Academy opened in the same road.
Lovely example to set your children.


Andy said...

What a shame that these schools do not provide coaches to outlying villages, that there is no public transport, that the mothers have so much time on their hands, that the children are cocooned by doting parents. As an aside; I have lately moaned about the "yummy mummies" here in middle class Herts. With recent events regarding Europe's urgent requirement for immigrants I am now happy to see fellow Brits breeding, the same goes for those who can't quite afford it.

JuliaM said...

Not while I'm paying for them!